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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Remember Me thoughts from our spectacular followers

Remember Me thoughts from @ZoeZoRowe
Here are my thoughts on RM. Rob was great, as a massive fan of the Twilight Saga, I thought I'd struggle to see him as anything else then Edward, but he was fab!

Good plot and great characters too.  Although a bit of a shock ending, wasn't expecting that at all.  10/10.

Remember Me review by Charlie, @CB_Robsessed
Dont know how to put into words what I felt about this film. I started crying from the first scene. It was not what I expected, from the trailers I assumed it was a romance, but then Rob had said in an interview that it wasn't all romance, so I wasn't sure what to expect. And it just shocked me, the whole film was unexpected.

I was so impressed with Robs acting throughout the whole film, brilliant American accent, and was just amazing to see him in a different role that is not a vampire. And it did help that he looks so gorgeous throught the whole film.
I had butterflies as soon as I turned up to the cinema, while wearing my RM Saturday badge, which did cause a few conversations haha. They made us que 20 minutes to collect our tickets, as the cinema was so busy, however I was very disappointed that the Remember Me screen was not very busy, about a third full. However I am gradually spreading the word to get non Rob fans to go watch, My friend's sister, who is a Twilight fan but is Team Jacob, went to see and she said 'best film of 2010, absolutly amazing' So that just proves that the whole cast were amazing in this film. I think that Ruby Jerins, is just amazing, she is absolutly adorable and I loved her the whole way through! And as much as I want to hate Emilie for being able to do that amazingly HOT sex scene with Rob, she did play the part very well, but I wasn't very sure about her accent so much.

I already new what happened at the end, but I think the way that they portrayed that ending was amazing. The tissues from my RobKit were so needed, if you did not know that ending was going to happen I dont think you would expect that in the slightest. Which just makes it soo much better I think.

Cant wait to watch this again. I thought it was amazing, and not just as a Rob fan, dont think it is possible not to love this film!
Charlie, @CB_Robsessed


Hey!!! its @KP8701 with my Remember Me Review :) Movie thoughts from Katie
2nd April was a date firmly marked in my Diary for a long time and Remember Me became a carefully thought out event for me and my friends. In all honesty I will admit it all began months before with just going to see a Robert Pattinson film, simply with the intention of getting a Rpatz fix! But the more I seen of trailers and clips the more engrossed in the story I became. Pre-booking tickets making arrangements to meet friends, it all started off soo pleasently. Standing in the queue for refreshements and hearing over the tannoy that the 20:50 showing of Remember Me was sold out gave me a rush of hope and excitement that maybe this film was going to be more than I had previously thought.

Sitting in my seat; placed in the middle so contently - I watched as the opening credits rolled waiting for the moment that Pattinson himself would grace our screen. but instead I was led in another direction, led to a story from years before. the opening scene shocked me into the awareness of the film I was about to embark upon! Watching the early events of Ally's [Emillie DeRavin] life moved me until I felt the lump in my throat. I was now less aware that I was seeing a Robert Pattinson film and more aware of the fact I was about to see a story told that would touch me in a way I wasnt yet prepared for.

Tylers [Robert Pattinson] story is so moving yet relatable. watching the events unfold and how Tylers relationships evolve, you feel yourself involved in the story. when hes with his friends you feel happy, you laugh when your supposed too. Whe you see him with his sister, you warm to the moments of a big brother wanting nothing other than his little sister to feel content and loved. When you see him fall for Ally, you understand how she changes him unexpectadly. All of this is so powerful due to the abilities of Pattinson himself.

Choosing such a different role to the character that has made him so Globally Famous [Twilight Saga's Edward] was a brave yet needed move for him to make. I will speak honestly when I say I never really saw the interest in Rpatz at first, then I watched Twilight and completely fell in love! But then I read the novels, I understood it was the Character I loved and not particularlly Robert. this is true example of his acting abilities how was capable of playing the infamous character so well. in time I have become a huge Rpatz fan and truthfully it has moved on from Edward which I why I was so eager to see this movie.

The onscreen relationships his character has with his father and sister are fantastic. Robert and Pierce work so well together their connection within the tension fuelled scenes are so moving that you stop asking yourself why Tyler has to be sooo angry at his father! as the story unravels you begin too see the underlying truths to Tylers pain. One of the most touching things I seen throughout this movie was the relationship Tyler had with his little sister Caroline, you can see that through their mutual grief that their bond is undenyably great an the smallest of scenes between the characters are moving. Ruby Jerins is clearly a wonderful actress who I can see we are going to plenty more of in the future and I think it is great to see Robert working so well with her. The two of my fave scene were with such characters, watching Tyler disrupt his fathers meeting moved me, to see the anger in his face as he looked at his father :O and at his sisters school, when he couldnt bare the actions of little children. Robert Pattinson shocked me more than I could imagine.

Now to the juicy stuff!! Robert and Emilie seem to work well together, with a clear onscreen connection allowing for the characters' chemistry to be believable. the eagerly awaited bedroom scene was superbly shot and left you gasping almost as much as the actors themselves!!! and thankfully is sex within the story isnt exploited, its not overly shot, we dont see major rob sex face stuff lol this I am extremely thankful for [surprisingly I know ha] because its not the most major aspect of the story. its just something that has to happen yet im still glad it does :-P haha
Prepared for the unthinkable, being as I was aware of how the story ended [thanks 2 Perez Hilton!] I sat with bated breathe hand over mouth as I watched Tyler approach his fathers office! watching the scenes of his sister at school, his father in his car, his mother at home, his girlfriend and BFF having fun you begin to feel that Tyler will be alone at the end. Even though he does nothing immensley obvious to heal the wounds he has with his father, of even encourage his fathers relationship with his own daughter - it is Tylers actions that make the story seem hit level. everything appears calm, like all is right with the world and then the unthinkable actually happens. So perfectly shot, and delicatly handled the films ending is more moving than I ever imagined. What stuck with me the most was hearing Tylers words to his brother, that is a monologue I will never forget. those words will stay with me forever and all in all, I think that is THE most important line of the movie. and, seeing Tylers leather bund notebook among the gravel led me to a thought as i sat there teary eyed - so maybe Tyler wasn't alone at the end after all. Maybe Tyler was with his brother, Michael, the one person he had been so intent maintaining a connection with, the one person he missed so much that he couldn't evolve without.

So besides being a MAJOR Rpatz fan, I enjoyed this movie immensly because it didnt feel like a movie, it felt like I was watching somebody's life unravel in front of me. And there was nothing I could do to save them from this self-destruction!

Robert Pattinson in my Opinion has done more than he could have intended to silence his critics. this is not an expected role of him, there are no cheesy lines, no soppy love story chick flick, no vampires ha. This truely is an amazing story, and I'm more than happy that Robert felt the need to tell us it.

On a lighter note though, is it wrong that I felt like I was cheating on Edward with Tyler?:-P haha!

Remember Me?? right now, theres not a chance I will ever forget! x

Hi! These are my thoughts on Remember Me, which I saw in Newcastle yesterday on April 2nd, from Sara I only went to see this movie, obviously, because of Robert Pattinson. I'd heard it was sad, and accidentally read online that Robert's character dies at the end (some idiot posted it in the comments of a non-spoiler review), so immediately assumed that it would be the usual stereotypical love story, like Titanic or something. I'm not really the soppy romantic movie type, I prefer the action and fantasy genres, so I was slightly put off by this and didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I'd hoped.

However, after seeing it, I realised that Remember Me isn't the usual love story at all; in fact it doesn't focus on romance nearly as much as the trailer suggests, in my opinion. The movie concentrates on Tyler's relationship with his father, sister and deceased brother as well, which was a welcome variation on the scenes with his girlfriend. I know that she is definitely central to the storyline, but I found myself focusing on, and much more interested in, the scenes involving his family. Most romantic movies focus solely on the two lovers, and it was a nice change to see Tyler's character being given some really deep, gritty background for the audience to digest, if you know what I mean.
Rob gave a consistently great performance throughout the movie with Tyler's character allowing him to channel his trademark intensity. He gave Tyler this sense of almost insanity, understandable given Tyler's circumstances, but also showed a genuinely caring and loving side, which was both endearing and crucial, otherwise the audience would would have been left wondering why the other characters want anything to do with this slightly dirty-looking maniac. The chemistry between Rob and Pierce Brosnan was flawless, as was the rapport between him and the little girl who plays his sister (her name escapes me); the broken father-son relationship paralled with the beautiful brother-sister bond moved me to tears! The chemistry between Rob and Emilie de Ravin was also, as expected, perfect. Emilie did a fantastic job of being Tyler's rock - I feel her purpose in the movie wasn't to be his one true love or soulmate (even though she may have been just that), but to be the one person Tyler could turn to in the middle of all his problems. I was grateful for the presence of Tyler's roommate, who was a typically funny guy and offered a little bit of lighthearted-ness amidst all the drama.

The ending was beautifully done, I was worried that there would be images of the actual 9/11 event, which would have been distasteful and upset a lot of people. Instead, Tyler at the window gave us girls a chance to weep over the impending death of Robert Pattinson (very shallow, I know), and cry some more as we felt the pain of not only his girlfriend, but of his family; a final reminder that Remember Me is definitely not the romantic tragedy I, for one, expected.

All in all, five stars for this movie. Great storyline, great cast, left a poignant message and I will be seeing it again!


Movie thoughts from Charly @Veawen
The film Remember Me is an amazing film with amazing and fantastic actors in it. The story is good and you can really feel the different relationships between the characters.

Rob was amazing at portraying Tyler and I adored the Brother and Sister relationship, as I have an older brother I really felt connected with that in any way. Someone who will protect me in anyway for anything. That special bond was so good in the film it took my breath away.

The chemistry between Emilie and Rob blown me away as well.

Remember Me is definitely worth watching and it was the most amazing film I have ever seen, never has a film touched me so deeply as this one did. I cried a lot and laughed as well. I was really absorbed and that's what a film is about.

This should be watched by everyone, first see the film and then judge it not the other way around.
Can't wait for the DVD as I can then watch it over and over and over again!


Charly x

Movie thoughts from Joanna Harrold @BatmanDisco
Remember Me is a heart-warming and heart-breaking film at the same time. I enjoyed the film thoroughly, it made me laugh and made me cry but kept me thinking the whole way through.

The way Rob played Tyler was stunning. He captured the personality and brotherly character exactly and was a pleasure to watch on screen. He was looking positively perfect as usual and I enjoyed watching him play Tyler Hawkins more than Edward Cullen which was a BIG shock to me.

Pierce and Rob's relationship as Father and Son was portrayed well and you could constantly feel the tension. Ruby and Rob's relation ship as brother and sister was my favourite and the whole way through it I was thinking I want a big brother like that! Rob and Emilie had perfect chemistry especially in more intimate scenes and I feel like they really got to know each other. All actors were brilliant and the accents were perfect!

Overall I think Remember Me was a brilliant movie, definately my favourite Rob movie. It effected me in so many ways and made me cry like a baby both times! It's a must see movie and everyone will be able to relate to it in one way or another!

Joanna x

Movie thoughts from Jane Haden @jamiedodger
I thought the film was amazing the story was excellently written you really didn't know what was coming until you saw the date on the blackboard, there was a sharp intake of breath in the cinema.

It made me laugh and cry having lost a family member to suicide myself it does rip the family apart in different ways.  The casting I thought was spot on and showed how adaptive Robert P can be and how the whole film drew you in from the very beginning.

It was amazing and brought memories back of that frightful day and of all those people who lost that special someone.

Wow x


kaz said...

i thought the film was great loved it from the start , i could feel every emotion through out the film and wow the acting of mr robert pattinson was superb i also didnt look at him and think of edward i looked at him and though tyler , he made the film feel so real and yes i cried at the end and going back again today what a great film


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