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This is a nationwide fan event in support of Rob Pattinson, Chris Cooper, Pierce Brosnan, Lena Olin, Emilie de Ravin, Tate Ellington, Ruby Jerins and all the cast and crew who worked on Remember Me. Bring family, friends, and anyone you know to see Remember Me on the opening weekend to help pull this fan event off and make Remember Me a success!

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Saturday, 7 August 2010

"Call for affliates for Bel Ami UK"

It will soon be that time again peeps!

As it looks like a good betting possibility that we are going to see more 2011 release dates popping up soon then I am seeking affliates for the Bel Ami UK blog which will be up and running very soon.

Remember Me Saturday UK was fully supported by a whole range of wonderful affliates who supported us all the way through to the bitter end and this had a direct impact on spreading the word against strong media pressure to abandon this movie.  The fans of course pulled out all the stops to support this movie and have done so again through the purchasing of the dvd. 

 It is our plan to support Bel Ami in the same way, this is small art house film which will could also suffer from lack of attention at the box office.  But we know its gonna be a ripper [well of bodices anyhow's] and we want to support this classic all the way.  We can only do this if we can again enlist the help of the fans and the affliates to spread the word.

If you are interested in coming on board as an affliate then please email us at:

we look forward to listing you on our new blog site - Bring It On!!

"Bel Ami Still Set to be Released 2011"

There has been increased speculation over the release dates for Bel Ami recently, so lets just take a few minutes to reflect on what we think we know.

We have old news touted as new news, no news touted as breaking news and really just a lot of speculation!

What we do know is this [thanks to our official sources]

  • Protagonist list the movie delivery date as Dec 2010, which means distributors can expect to receive the movie by this date;

  • Our official sources both confirm that no release date has yet been set for the UK

What is news is that we have a Dutch release date of Feb 17th 2011, considering we have been predicting a Winter release for this movie then it looks like we were not that far out and lays to rest the Dec 2011 release chestnut me thinks.

What is clear is that more release dates will follow shortly along with stills, promo, comps and prem planning if you want to be part of that then get yourself over to:

Twitter: @BelAmiUK
and the blog will be following shortly

In the true vein of Remember Me Saturday UK join Julie and I on this journey to the Bel Ami UK release, Bring it On!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Final Remember Me UK DVD Launch Pub Quiz - Answers

To take part
Answer the questions below and once you have all your answers either post them on facebook with your @tag or email them ALL to Entries must be posted in by 10.00pm tonight
make sure you attach the requested pic with your answers
All quizzes will be marked asap and winners names posted in all our spaces

Your pub quiz questions and answers - pls note answers sourced from range of dedicated Rob sites

1 - Which letter can you see thru the tube window as the doors shut and Allys mum is shot? [F]

2 - How many pebbles does Caroline line up on top of Michae'ls headstone? [4]

3 - Who is the 'Boys to Men' of European Art History? [Whistler]

4 - How many people did Rob beat to win the role of Edward Cullen? [3000]

5 - What is spelt out on the leg of Aidans bed? [Chez Aidan]

6 - How much was the listed Remember Me budget cost? [$16 mill]

7 - What does Tyler use to get a mark of his trousers? [srubber brush - still think was spunk stain]

8 - What would Tyler rather have done to him with a toothbrush? [accepted labotomised/sodomised]

9 - Complete Aidans quote ‘Make her call you DADDY steal her PANTIES and sell them on EBAY’

10 - What film was Ally and her dad going to watch together? [Erin B]

11 - What football team does Rob support? [Arsenal]

12 - When Tyler writes in his notebook what was he writing? [letters to Michael / porn]

13 -What had Ally been drinking before vomiting with head down toilet? [Jello shots/alcohol]

14 - What does the poster with the orange circle on Tyler n Aidans flat wall say? [Amnesty International]

15 - Who is Rob's acting inspiration? [Jack Nicholson]

16 - How many freckles are there on Tylers back? [yes they have been counted!] [15]

17 - When was the last time Aidan had 1 drink? [communion]

18 - What star sign is Rob? [Taurus]

19 - Name the two songs Art performed in 'How To Be' [Chokin on Dust / Doing Fine]

20 - How old is the character Jacob that Rob is playing in Water for Elephants? [accepted 23 or 90-93]

Bonus point
Find your favourite Rob peen shot or Rob gurning shot and attach it to your pub quiz entry - [xtra point awarded for peen or funny face pic]

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Remember Me - fan review - just read it

Remember Me (2010)

A beautifully structured, engaging masterpiece, 14 March 2010

This film, definitely Robert Pattinson's most profound, is not to be taken or experienced lightly. It is a heavy drama that is less about romance than it is about family loss amidst tragedy. It is also the first film to surprise me in a very long time. I had no idea how it would conclude until about three minutes from the ending, which absolutely blew me away.

I went to see it with my girlfriend, and we had been waiting for it for a long time. We both expected it to be good, but what we were really hoping for was a Pattinson performance that demonstrated something beyond the level of range exhibited in his interpretation of Stephanie Meyer's lackluster anti-hero Edward Cullen. Needless to say, we got a lot more than we bargained for. Shockingly, not only did Pattinson easily eclipse both Pierce Brosnan's and Chris Cooper's performances as the two "fathers" of the story, which were both excellent, but he gave us something we will remember for a very long time. This is definitely the most powerful film I have seen in theaters over the past year. It reaches far beyond the limited emotional scope of "bigger" releases such as 'Avatar' or 'Shutter Island', both of which are disastrously overrated. What 'Remember Me' accomplishes with its riveting, no-holds-barred storytelling and its brilliant final sequence is a feat rarely, if ever, attempted so tastefully. It connects us with so many aspects of our reality, our own world, and our own history, that many of us try not to face. It forces us to examine what certain significant events mean in the progression of our lives and the lives of our families and friends. It examines how we relate to one another in both the simplest and most complex of our relationships. It ties our daily lives together with the unexpected, which is something that is often unavoidable whether we are prepared for it or not. And it provides us with some insight as to how to deal with our hardships in life. It doesn't give us all the answers, as no film or book or story of any kind could ever do, but it certainly inspires us to ask the tough questions.


Monday, 14 June 2010

Remember Me DVD sneak peek & commentary deets [spoilers]

Continue reading for the tweets about the commentary (if you don't mind being spoiled) you will note I have some bracketed insertions lol
Watching RM w Commentary.. Its Rob, Ruby and Emily. Rob's giggling alot.. very cute

Ruby loved Eddie's Sweet Shop!

Pornographic poems in bold letters... teehee [anyone got spare 5k so I can see said poems?]

Rob was only relaxed during the first scene with Ruby because she was calm..

He said when he was putting the books away at the Strand that he was reciting the alphabet to keep the books in order... lol

Rob had the most fun shooting the fight scene... no choreography involved apparently.
I was there when they filmed that. teehee. Rob loves the backpack

He claims to have stolen a guitar from set but producer says that they gave it to him.. lol [pretendin to be the bad boy]

Lots of talk about hemorroid cream... SMH

Aww.. the scene where Ruby tells Rob about the art show was improv'd

Rob compared Emilie to a Spice Girl because she wore the white tank with the black bra... she didnt like that too much. lol [bahahaha]

He was grossed out by the food during the dish washing scene and squirted Emilie square in the face the 1st time they shot that scene

Momma Pattinson thought Rob actually tattooed Michael on his chest.. lol

Ruby's quiet thru the sex scene. I really hope she isnt in the room with them during this discussion

Rob wanted to be a cop after watching the scene with Chris Cooper and his partner at the precinct

Birthday scene had 5 PAs blowing out the candles at the same time

Ruby said she related to Caroline on a lot of aspects and truly enjoyed playing the role

Ruby is jealous of Caroline's room

Rob says anyone would want a little sister like Caroline because she never gets annoying

Rob enjoyed watching the Oak room scene in NY because everyone got the baseball jokes and he didnt.

Rob loves the RM soundtrack

Museum scene was shot the day after Rob was introduced to a cab

Rob discussed the boardroom scene with Pierce weeks before filming it to make sure the emotions played out correctly

Wallsecks scene- Rob: Random spazmatic behavior.. he enjoyed slamming Emilie around on the wall that made too much noise - I'll bet he did [can so believe that you naughty boy!]

PSA: Make sure you've watched RM regularly before watching with commentary.. there are spoilers

Emilie was told to just attack n kiss Rob on beach... he was taken by surprise

Rob: When the poo has hit the fan.... <- I'm dying right now.. lmfao

Rob told Emilie to hit him harder when filming the break-up [wot a surprise - not]

Ruby says the party was a fun scene to shoot.. Rob says the little girls' energy is scary

Ruby said that she listened to music to get prepped for the haircut scene. She had to be fitted for various wigs

They're discussing th paparazzi's obnoxious behavior when they were filming the stoop scene.

They had to keep throwing the fire extingisher because it kept bouncing off the glass [macho Rob]

It took Rob a long time to get the hand puppet of the bird right on her back

WTC- Rob: It was so strange to see the scene you've filmed in context

Rob defines the office scene as the point in the movie where Tyler is at peace

Tears warning.. if typing gets a little funky, I apologize

They had to research if flat screens were around in 2001 which they were but extemely costly

Window scene- Rob: it was strange thinking about what was supposed to be happening. Emilie cried during the filming of that scene

The rooftop scene with Emilie and Aidan was done in reshoots

Rob was taken back by the exhaustion that Chris Cooper exhibited in the last scene.

Rob gushes about how fantasic an actress Lena Olin is.

Emilie says the train scene isnt sad but that she's accepting what's happened in her life and that she's living for Tyler.

The credits are rolling and when Rob sees his name on the screen, he says "He did a great job." [sarcasm drippin here one would imagine]

The film was dedicated to the victims of 9/11

They're doing the sign off.. Rob thanks the audience for watching and hopes they enjoyed the movie

source via spunk_ransom

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Remember Me DVD available for Pre-Order here in the UK

The Remember Me is now available for pre-order in the UK. The DVD and Blu-ray is to released on July 19th. Order now from

Note that I cannot find it anywhere else with this stated release date the other sites are still quoting the release date as July 26th.

We are of course excited, indeed very excited by the prospect of film commentary being provided in part by Rob as we are already anticipating his witty one liners to warm us up here a some gems we can expect to hear.

His sex scene was scary: Pattinson was “terrified” during his boom-boom moment with De Ravin. More so, he was sympathetic to the director of photography, “who had to look deep into my … crack for a long time.”
His mother was appalled at the thought of a tattoo: Pattinson’s character has his brother’s name inked on his left pec as a memorial. When his mom saw it in the “Remember Me” trailer, she called him immediately. “I was like, ‘Really, do you think I tattooed ‘Michael’ on my chest?”

Fans take note — when in Los Angeles, he reads scripts in a fast-food restaurant parking lot: “I was in an In ‘N Out burger car park where I used to always read scripts. … I realized I liked the character Tyler in the first four pages.” Perhaps he celebrated with a Double-Double.

Busy times ahead people with the opening of Eclipse not far away, well further away for us in the UK but from July 2nd if you have secured your advance screening tixs like all good groupies should, followed by the Remember Me DVD release July 19th/26th depending on where you are getting your goods from.

Remember to join me on twitter to take part in our very very very final pub quiz deets to follow but will run just before the DVD release with prizes because I know you like the prizes.

See you all very soon.

~ Kathy ~


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

So what impact did we all have?

Remember Me opened in the UK on April 2nd ranked at No 7 in the box office countdown.

2 - 4 April Remember Me took in -  £987,310 over 354 sites, giving a screen average of £2,789 ($4297)

In comparison over the US opening weekend, the film opened at No 5, grossing $8,089,139 over 2,212 sites, giving a screen average of $3,657 (£2,373)

Suggesting that on a site by site basis that the UK opening was on a par if not slightly higher than the US opening figures, somewhat surprising considering the amount of PR and profiling done in the US in comparison to the TV spots and pre-recorded PR efforts afforded to the UK launch of the film.  While both had premieres the US version was larger and more substantially represented than that provided in the UK.
Therefore we would like to suggest that the fan campaign and support provided by the followers of the movie has had an impact on it's level of success in the UK and in Ireland.

9 - 11 April saw Remember Me remain static at No 7 and reported that the movie had done well in comparison to the overall takings from other movies over the same period.
Taking in £521,757 from 364 sites giving a screen average of £1433 a drop of approx 47%.
Combined sales totals across the linked areas rose to £2,639,885 [$4,059.301]

16 - 18 April second promoted Fan Event Weekend sees Remember Me hanging onto No10 at the box office taking in £225,397 from 344 sites a screen average of £655 dropping more than 50% on the previous week.. However this was in the week that Dear John opened at No 1 with huge box office figures, given the promotion around this movie this was not unexpected.
Combined sales totals across the linked areas now stand at £3,363,390 [$5,162,756] 

23 - 25 April week four saw Remember me drop to No15 at the UK box office taking in £70,866 from 191 sites giving an average of £371 per site.
Combined sales totals across the linked areas now stand at £3,434,256 [$5,494,638]

Currently Remember Me has taken:
US Domestic figures 27/04 - $19,020,385 [40.6%]
Foreign figures 25/04 - $27,785,083 [59.4%]
of which UK, Ireland & Malta have contributed $5,494,638 [25/4]

Worldwide totals currently stand at $46,805,468

Did we make a difference?

When I initally saw the figures I was gutted but when I reflected I thought hang on a minute here, as a fan base for the movie we have made a phenomenal difference to the success of this movies in our resident areas.

We have fans that for the first time in their lives have turned out on opening night and paid full price for a ticket [cos I always go on cheap Tues or Orange Wed] and you made others who would not have seen this move go as well!

You didn't turn out 1 or 2 times, you have gone 3, 4, 5, 6 and @KatieDuffin24 10 times, to support this movie, its cast and the messages it stood for.

You have provided reviews, shared your thoughts and recounted your best scenes and what if anything you would have changed in the movie, and you have continued to support the Twitter, Blog and Facebook mediums that have been used.  You have even taken part in crazy pub quizzes and competitions to win badges, robpornparties and always been ready to become involved and support in any way you can.

I am proud to have been involved in this campaign and I thank @jenbirtles and @keogirl for the support they have given me and @remembermefans for asking me to front the UK Twitter account it has been a blast.

But most of all I thank you, the followers and supporters of this movie, you rock and have made what could have been [lets face it] a box office disaster into a firm success.  There is no other way to describe a $16 mill budget movie which has already grossed $46+ mill worldwide, has yet to open in Japan and several other markets and still has the DVD market to capture.

The pleasure has been all mine, thank you.

~ Kathy ~

Massive thanks to all the sponsers who helped get the word out about the UK Remember Me release and fan events

Thanks for your contribution to making Remember Me a box office success in UK/Ire

A list of all the RMSaturdayUK sponsers who so willingly advertised Remember Me and posted links on their fantastic sites

A chance to share your culinary skills for charity

Robert Pattinson Fansite Cookbook Project

By supporting this project you will be able to contribute to the charities that Rob himself supports, while also getting the chance to show off your cooking skills by providing a receipe and a pic to be included within this very worthwhile project.  Masterchef will have nothing on you - follow the link for more information and get cooking!!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

RM Sat UK Remember Me pub quiz winner

And the winner of the Remember Me quiz, demonstrating superior RM knowledge was @Veawen.

The prize - a stunning one off, never to be repeated certificate, no expense spared lol.

Well done to all who took part, the pleasure as always was mine.

That was the last pub quiz unless by public demand we run one prior to the release of the Remember Me DVD, what do you think?


Which film are you going to see on April 2nd/3rd

Remember Me Official Trailer