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This is a nationwide fan event in support of Rob Pattinson, Chris Cooper, Pierce Brosnan, Lena Olin, Emilie de Ravin, Tate Ellington, Ruby Jerins and all the cast and crew who worked on Remember Me. Bring family, friends, and anyone you know to see Remember Me on the opening weekend to help pull this fan event off and make Remember Me a success!

Number#1 or bust!!

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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

#2 days and counting down to the UK/Ire release of Remember Me

Opening weekend is so close we can taste it (prob from all the screen licking we do) and the time for planning is here, we at RMSaturdayUK have no doubt that ALL Rob fans will turn out in droves to support this fantastic movie as it opens on Friday.

However to make a difference and to show how much we support the meaning of this film, Rob and the cast we need to make sure that we head back out to the cinema on Saturday to support the fan event. What we need to do is to make sure that when we do put our bums on seats that we have taken along other bums for seats [not necessarily winos or tramps] who would not generally have gone to see this movie, this is where we can make the difference.

So as you begin to pre book your tickets and make your arrangements think about who those special others are that you are going to take along to experience this movie with you and how you can make a contribution to the box office success that this movie richly deserves. You only have to read the review from @keogirl [but not if you are avoiding spoilers of course] to understand how rich this movie is and how the message needs to be heard.
I thank you for the support you have all shown to the campaign and I look forward to the UK/IRE box office opening figures, lets make this count.

Remember Me Press Conference - Film Shaft

By: Martyn Conterio

Ever since Barnes boy Robert Pattinson smothered his face in talcum powder and put in a set of plastic fangs to play a veggie vampire in Twilight, the man has become the biggest heart-throb on the planet. After seeing thousands of screaming girls in Leicester Square, London for the UK premiere of Remember Me, one feels rather sorry for him. He may offer glib platitudes and thanks “to the fans”, but you sense deep down he just wants to get on with being an actor and not a celebrity. Remember the hullabaloo surrounding Leonardo DiCaprio after Titanic? Well, Pattinson is famous on that frightening level. Leicester Square (17th March) was vision of hell worthy of Hieronymous Bosch.

Hordes of Twi-hards blocked by barriers and security guards stretched out their arms clawing at “R.Pattz” like they were ravenous zombies excited by the prospect of fresh meat. There is no doubt that given the opportunity they would maul poor Robert Pattinson to death. Such encouraged frenzy and devotion is bizarre. The MC only had to say “Rob” and a grand choir of teens spliced the London air with a wail of screams utterly perplexing as it was damaging to the ears. They idolise R.Pattz and don’t care. One group of girls had been camping out in Leicester Square for 32 hours. How do I know this? They had a placard telling everyone. It is devotion bordering on religious mania. They are here to worship at the Church of Pattinson.

And yes, I had to wade through this jungle of sweating flesh and flash bulbs to attend the press conference, which was being held in the same venue after Emile de Ravin and Robert Pattinson introduced the film. Moments later they were in a tiny screening room greeting the gathered press for some questions and answers that started off stilted and ended up rather fun.

The immediate thing one notices about Robert Pattinson is his nervousness when confronted by the press. It’s all in the body language. He swivelled in his chair, would shield his face with his hands and look sideways to avoid eye contact when speaking, bite his nails or mess with his hands: a catalogue of telltale signs.

It’s not rudeness or arrogance, but a discomfort at the process of publicity. Maybe he’ll grow into it with time, but he exuded a great awkwardness to begin with before relaxing and being rather fun.

A major annoyance was caused by the PR people who warned the gathered press that there were to be no questions about Eclipse or Kristin Stewart. So if you’re expecting some fresh details on those subjects, well, there aren’t any. Sorry.

Robert Pattinson on working with Pierce Brosnan in Remember Me:
I never thought initially that anybody like Pierce would be playing Charles. He has an innate likeability and he’s very charismatic. Charles on the page was somebody who was domineering and quite a negative character and Pierce changed all that.

Robert Pattinson on the pressures of his new found status and ability to fund a variety of projects:
I never like anything, so it’s quite easy to decide what to do. I’ve never felt any pressure to do anything. Even when I was shooting it, I never felt any pressure about the box office – it’s only when I came to promote it that people ask me about this stuff. It’s not a Twilight movie; it’s an original screenplay and doesn’t fit into any genre. It’s not a feelgood movie…they don’t make movies like this any more…that’s how I kind of choose stuff. That’s the criteria.

Emile da Ravin on the appeal of Remember Me:
To me it didn’t really read technically like a script. It was like somebody had written you a letter…it was so honest and organic.

Emile De Ravin and Robert Pattinson on their New York accents:
De Ravin: I love accents and I use them quite a lot working in States, but it really adds another layer to the character for me. It was interesting with Ali (Ravin’s character) because she grew up in Queens, New York and originally I was going to do that. But talking to a dialect coach and going up there and observing I noticed the younger generation didn’t have a strong accent at all.

Pattinson: It just sort of came out of the script and the dialogue. It was pretty much the same voice. Sometimes when you read the script it just happens. I wasn’t even conscious of doing a New York accent or what borough or anything (laughs). I’ve spent a bit of time in New York and tried to pick up on how people speak. I don’t even know where my accent is now. I wouldn’t even say it’s specifically a London accent.

Emile De Ravin on Lost and its legacy:
Yeah it has been part of my life and it’s been a great ride. It’s kind of bittersweet that it’s ending, but happy they announced an end date three years ago and that it’s ending on a high note. I’m trying to be positive about the future (laughs).

Robert Pattinson on his real-life heroes:
My parents are great parents and they brought me up well, I think. I don’t know…I think that’s about all the heroes I’ve had.

Pattinson on the importance of fans and expectations for Remember Me:
I think, um, I always felt the most important thing you could do was films like this and quite difficult to generically advertise and get out to people. Something like Twilight or Lost…it gives it publicity immediately…if people go and see it, then once you’ve got them into the cinema, it’s almost inevitable that they’ll get drawn into it. I don’t know…obviously you hope people like things, but if you start to do things to please a certain audience then you’re going in the wrong direction. You can never please everybody…you don’t even know the people you’re trying to please. Especially when you’re trying to please huge swathes of people.

Emile De Ravin on fans:
Every fan of Twilight or Lost isn’t going to like everything you do. For me, it’s about challenging myself and not pigeon-holing myself into that one category of actor.
Robert Pattinson on why he’s attracted to brooding characters and plans for more light roles:
I did do more light stuff before Twilight came along. I don’t know, it just so happened that Twilight became this archetypal brooding person. I never thought Tyler (Remember Me) was that brooding. It’s not brood, brood, brood. I’d never even heard the word before! I like to play broken, troubled characters because it’s so interesting and I’m not particularly broken or troubled myself. I’m doing something now, which is dark, but the character since.
Robert Pattinson on preparing for fight scenes and real life scuffles:
I haven’t been in a fight for a very long time! I’d be too scared now (laughs). I think people who get into a fight and kill me now just for sake of it (laughs). I liked a lot of Tyler’s rebelliousness and audaciousness…it’s like a fantasy version of myself! Not really (laughs).

Robert Pattinson on his favourite type of biscuit:
You know in America when you get chicken and biscuits? It’s just really funny…whenever I’m in America and drive past restaurants and see chicken and biscuits and I’m like “why?” Then I had one and it was very nice…so I’ve changed my mind on what can be constituted as a biscuit. And I do like a Hobnob.
photographs taken by Martyn Conterio

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Remember Me Pic Just In....

Team RMSaturdayUK at Trafalgar Square, London

Remember Me Saturday Uk with the horses guards.

RMSaturdayUk at Downing Street

RMSatUk at Big Ben

RMSATUK by the London Eye

Team RMSATUK in the London Aquarium!

Good Job Casey!!

@caseydavoren showing the RMSatUK love xxxx

Robnipulations From RMSaturdayUK Pub quiz

From Rachel Boyd @GlamGlass

From Andreena Murphy

From Wendy Mullaney @1981DazzledMe

From Sandra Martinez Roses

From Twilessed Twilessed

From Chanelle Kadir

From Hayley @Keogirl

From Charlene Barrs @Veawen & Swan Lee

From Lisa

From Mary Higginson, Amy Louise,  Rebecca O'Gara & Kate Spencer-Jones

From Shelly McKenzie & Sam Wright

From Charlie B

 From Elaine Turner

From Jade Cutts

 From Mili Sharma

Monday, 29 March 2010

Remember Me Saturday UK Pub Quiz Results


The top 3 winners are:
Khrista Denith
Megan Higginson
Katie Prescott
You will received a super surprise...all will be revealed tomorrow!!
(please email your address)

Top 4 Runners up:
Savarnah Hodson
Vicky Robey
Sam Wright
Amy Flexon
You will all receive a RMSaturdayUK badge :)
(please email your address)

Many thanks to all our entrants. Thanks for taking part, we hope you had fun!!! (sorry for any mis-spelt names )
Savarnah Hodson
Krista Denith
Vicki Robey
Rachel Boyd
Zoe Bruce
Chanelle Kadir
Megan Higginson
Charleene Baars
Swan Lee
Shelly McKenzie
Rebecca Ogara
Kate Spencer Jones
Audreena Murphy
Lois Barber
Sandra Matinez Rases
Beaver County
Eleane Turner
Amy Louise
Katie Prescott
Sam Wright
Anna Leslie
Charlie B
Jade Cutts
Joanna (BatmanDisco)
Mila Sharma
Amy Felxon
Nicky Ada

We will post all your manips on blog tomorrow. 

We hope that you are all now fully warmed up and ready for the Remember Me opening weekend!!

lots of love Team RMSaturdayUK xxxxx

Remember Me Saturday UK Pub Quiz Questions:

1.     In what town and county was Pierce Brosnan born? (2points)

     How many bodyguards did Robert Pattinson have whilst working on the set of Remember Me? (1 point)

     According to IMDB what name was originally given to the Hawkins family in Remember Me? (1 point)

     Finish the quote: “Gandhi said that whatever you do in life will be…………..But it’s very important that you do it. I tend to agree with the……………..” (2 points)

     Which hand does rob touch his hair with the most? (1 point)

     What is the name of the Director of Remember Me? (1 point)

     Based on photo evidence is Rob a boobs or bum man? (1 point)

     Whilst filming remember me what was Rob's modest pouch made from? (1 point)

     What genre of film would Rob love to do but as a result of “rubbish scripts” hasn’t as yet? (1 point)

  Take an educated guess at what size you think Rob’s feet are? (1 point)

  What tactic does Pierce Brosnan use to stop people from looking over at him and as Rob said to “get rid of the elephant in the room”? (2 points)

  Was Rob measured for his waxwork?  (1 point)

  How did Emilie describe kissing Robert Pattinson whilst filming the movie? (1 point)

  What colour are Robs eyes? (1 point)

Bonus point
Post the best rob manip you can find, either tweet it, email it or send it to fb, must be tagged @rmsaturdayuk 

Remember Me Saturday UK Pub Quiz TONIGHT 8pm BST

  • OK guys our Remember Me Saturday UK pub quiz starts at 8PM BST. 
  • There will be 14 questions, each worth various amounts of points (this will be stated with each question).
  • One question will be posted live on twitter and facebook every 5 minutes.
  • You have until 10pm BST to email us ALL your answers to or post them on the facebook wall before 10pm. 
  • We will then add up the points, during which there will be a bonus round (details released nearer the time). 
  • We will then declare the winner and runners up and dish out the prizes. 

See you in half an hour!! x

A HUGE Thank You to

Massive thank you to Vicky at for making this amazing banner for us...c'est magnifique!!!!

You can see it at the top of our page :)

Robsuscitation Kit Winner

After careful and prolonged consideration @rocar86 has finished judging the submitted kits and selected @CosmicGirl78 as the overall winner.  All those who sent a kit pic in will get a badge so please email me your address using the email on this blog.  @CosmicGirl78 will also get a surprise additional gift, but can't tell you what yet as I haven't bought it yet lol.

This kit was selected because of the variety it offered. @Rocar86 likes lots of options ;) the bib was an excellent idea, as there is definately drooling going on during RM. The lollipops were a good suggestion for specific friends that get loud during sex scenes...might be a good idea to bring some along for the whole audience.  Binoculars are the best idea ever.. also useful for camping out while waiting for Rob to going to watch Rob during his next movie.  Also NHS speed dial is great ... defibrillators are not always easily available in every local cinema!

To be commended in the other kits:
Swan Lee - definately the fire extinguisher... that will be a must for Bel Ami as we will have to hose down the whole cinema by the end for sure.
Alicia Zen - inhaler is a must, works even better than the robsuscitation bag, which is of course the low cost option!
Veawen - deoderant ... that is definately going in my next kit for sure.
CB_Robsessed - hand held fan might need that for Eclipse... June + Edward = lot of heat!!
BatmanDisco - the tie ... I think that can be used to tie fans to seats, but could double to tie Rob hmmmm .. I hang out with too many pervy people on twitter! Ha!

By pervy I am sure @Rocar86 was not in any way referring to my good self lol

Thanks for all your entries they were excellent.

Remember Me Saturday UK Pub Quiz TONIGHT 8pm BST

We are hosting a Remember Me pub quiz TONIGHT at 8pm BST LIVE on twitter. Questions will also be posted straight the the facebook page ( and our blog ( so that everyone can join in! There are prizes to be won! Keep an eye out on the page throughout the day for more deets.

Be there or be square!!

RMSaturdayUK team xx

UK Remember Me Press Conference Part 3

Via CullensNewsDotCom

UK Remember Me Press Conference Part 2

Via CullensNewsDotCom

UK Remember Me Press Conference Part 1

Via CullensNewsDotCom

GMTV Remember Me Interview Rob & Ben 29/01/10

Sunday, 28 March 2010

#5 days and counting down to the UK/Ire release of Remember Me

Sunday 28th March 2010

Who are you taking along with you that would not otherwise have seen this movie?

Robsuscitation Kits just in

Two more fantastic entries, thanks to everyone who took part, I will send the links to @rocar86 who designed my kit and she will decide the overall winner, will let you know the outcome by tomorrow evening.  Good luck to you all

@CosmicGirl78 entry for the Robsuscitation Kit Challenge

  • Tissues - as much as I have tried to avoid spoilers am getting the feeling it might be a bit sad, note to self wear waterproof mascara!
  • Remember Me Sat UK badge - showing my dedication [as I will be all week and after]
  • Dark glasses - these are for my friend to wear when she gets embarrased by my fangirling behaviour, thought  it was only fair to provide her with some sort of disguise & I may need them after if I have puffy eyes
  • Bib - well this of course a wise choice as there will be much drooling going on and I can't be worrying about that when I am watching the film - problem solved!!
  • Lollipops - need something to suck to keep mought from going dry [unavoidable when your staring, mouth open, drooling] & to keep me quiet throughout as I do tend to get a little excited in the presence of Rob
  • Binoculars - to get in even closer on the really good parts!!!
  • Water pistol - for anyone who interrypts my time with Rob or restricts my view lol yeah so anyone who goes to pee, has popcorn fights, talks of plays with their phone...WATCH OUT! If not used for that purpose can be used for cooling off.
  • NHS Direct No on speed dial - in case heart races too much and I have a funny turn.

@CB_Robsessed entry for Robsuscitation Kit Challenge

  • Glasses - to get a better view
  • Tissues - in case of tears
  • Chocolates - will need those to eat during the film
  • New pants - for after the sex scene [of course will only change these in screen if absolutely necessary as may cause a distraction]
  • make up wipes and mascara - to correct face appearance at end of film
  • hand held fan - will have to buy this to ensure hot flushes are under control

Pic just in - wear your badge with pride

One of the RMSaturdayUK badge winners

Thanks @EleanorFord

Emilie de Ravin- She's busy making up for Lost time

Emilie de Ravin -She's busy making up for Lost time

Emilie de Ravin doesn't crave the spotlight, but her latest film role alongside man-of-the-moment Robert Pattinson may make it hard to avoid. By Rosamund Witcher
Friday, 26 March 2010
Emilie de Ravin doesn't crave the spotlight, but her latest film role alongside man-of-the-moment Robert Pattinson may make it hard to avoid
Emilie de Ravin doesn't crave the spotlight, but her latest film role alongside man-of-the-moment Robert Pattinson may make it hard to avoid

With her new film, Emilie de Ravin has hit the jackpot. Not only does she get to cavort in steamy scenes with heartthrob du jour Robert Pattinson (OMG! RPattz!) in Remember Me, but she gets to bask in the heat of a talked-about movie that, without Pattinson's involvement, may have been another under-the-radar romantic drama.
Pattinson's first project since the unprecedented success of the Twilight films sees him as an angry rich kid – sans creepy vampire makeup – who falls in love with a ballsy young philosophy student, played by de Ravin. At 28 – five years Pattinson's senior – she is still girlish enough to pass for 21.
You'll most likely recognise the Australian actress de Ravin as the young mother Claire in Lost (currently in its explosive sixth series on Sky1), but her association with Pattinson has catapulted her into the celebrity weeklies.
When we meet in New York, where the film is set, a blizzard is raging outside the hotel window. Like Pattinson, she seems embarrassed about her success, shrugging off compliments and rolling her eyes at talk of fans and paparazzi. "I get recognised," she says with a dismissive wave, "but I'm not the sort of person who frequents popular clubs. I try to keep out of that."
De Ravin is part of a new breed of celebrity – like Pattinson and his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart – who shun the glamour and adulation that many see as a perk of the job. When de Ravin slouched onto the red carpet at the London premiere of Remember Me recently, grinning awkwardly in her black Oscar de la Renta mini-dress, she and Pattinson looked as though they would rather be anywhere else.
Despite their 'I'm-so-normal' façade, journalists are warned not to ask about their private lives on pain of death. A hovering publicist peers up from her BlackBerry at the mere hint of a personal question to de Ravin (it could be worse: no less than three handlers accompany Pattinson during his interview). But this much we know: she married the American actor Josh Janowicz in June 2006 after being together for four years. The couple separated last year, but are rumoured to have reunited.
"Love is such an objective thing," she says, in a suitably vague answer to a necessarily vague question about love. "I mean, I can say I love my family, or I love my Diet Coke," she continues, gesturing towards her Coke can. "So I guess, in different ways, yeah, I do believe in love."
But in terms of relationships?
"It's different with every person. It depends if it... clicks. It's chemistry."
Either way, if she's in love when we meet, there is no ring on her finger. Of course she was romantically linked to Pattinson during filming, but RPattz could star opposite Ellen DeGeneres and there would be rumours. Having said that, the young stars' on-screen chemistry is undeniable. Viewers will be surprised to learn they met just one week before filming commenced.
"She's really cool," says Pattinson, pushing back his James Dean-esque mane, when we meet later that afternoon. "She was actually the last girl we saw and she was cast on the day of her audition, so we went straight out to a bar. It was so close to filming that we didn't have time to rehearse. But she got it right from the beginning, so it was easy."
De Ravin agrees that the best preparation was getting to know each other. "Our relationship in the film is intense," she nods. "We spent a lot of time together, talking about our characters and their relationship, because it's so important to be comfortable together. Then, when we were actually shooting, everything fell into place and felt natural. It didn't ever feel like we were reading a scene or going through the motions."
Watching Pattinson brooding or de Ravin screaming at her on-screen father (Chris Cooper), I have to ask: did they manage to have any fun on set?
"If you're getting ready to do a really emotional scene then, right before it, you're probably not going to be outside playing basketball," she shrugs. "But everybody involved was passionate about it so there was a good vibe."
Having not spent much time in New York before landing the role, de Ravin has now fallen in love with the city. "New York is a character in the film," she smiles, either not noticing or not caring what a cliché that is. "It was great to be able to walk around the city on days off. And it's so rare to be able to shoot in the real locations. When we have dinner, we were actually in The Oak Room and when we were doing a scene in the house Ally [her character] grew up in, that was in Queens."
Of course, the downside of shooting around the city is that Twilight fans and paparazzi had easy access to locations.
"It was distracting at times," admits de Ravin. "We shot 90 per cent on location in Manhattan or Queens so it was very accessible. It's not like they can close down Central Park. So it was difficult for Rob and I to figure out the logistics of a rehearsal when you've got thousands of people watching. Even if you're not looking at them, you're aware of it. It can be hard to focus."
It must have been a very different experience from filming Lost in the relative seclusion of Hawaii. As we speak, de Ravin is about to finish shooting the final season of the hit show. Can she tell us anything about how it ends? Do they ever get off that bloody island?
"I honestly don't know," she laughs. "We're filming the next episode in a few days and I don't even have that script yet. But that's the same with every show on TV. With films, you have time to read the script properly and rehearse. You can develop a back-story and, by the time you start shooting, you know everything you need to. That's one of the many things I love about film in comparison to TV."
Although de Ravin clearly yearns for a film career, you can't help feeling that she isn't really cut out for Hollywood. Ask her where home is and she says emphatically: "Temporary home is LA. But home home is Melbourne."
What does she miss most about it? "Everything," she sighs wistfully. "Walking around the city and the gardens and the restaurants. I don't get home as much as I would like to. There's a lot of downtime on Lost, so I might have three weeks off, but you never know in advance if you might be needed. I miss my family so much, my ideal holiday is just to hang out with them. I'm kind of a homebody. I like to sit at home and watch movies and eat good food."
De Ravin is no stranger to film, having starred in 2005's high-school noir Brick, alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and the 2006 horror The Hills Have Eyes (tagline: "The Lucky Ones Die First"). So she's no red carpet virgin; it's just that it's not really her natural home.
"Once in a while it's fun to dress up for a premiere," she shrugs. "But I'm not someone that's going to stick on heels and a dress every day. Shopping stresses me out."
What about staying in shape? Her impressive abs are on display in Remember Me. She must work out?
"No, I don't really do anything. I'm not very fit."
Just good genes then?
"Yeah. Thanks mum."
So there you go: Emilie de Ravin is a study in laid-back cool. One of that frustrating breed of beautiful I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-this-is-how-I-look people. A lot like Robert Pattinson in fact. So, when she was filming scenes with RPattz, who spent the most time on their hair?
She explodes with laughter: "Oh come on! Totally Rob," she grins, before shaking her head at the ridiculousness of the question and, more seriously, adding, "Neither one of us really did much. It was just like... " she mimes messing up her hair with devil-may-care nonchalance.
Then she shrugs again.
'Remember Me' is released on 2 April. 'Lost' is on Fridays at 9pm on Sky1 and Sky1 HD

Robsusitation Kit Just in...Keep 'em coming!!

Swan Lee Pattinson's Robsusitaion Kit

  • The kitchen roll is what I'll need for the scenes that are emotional
  •  the fire extinguisher is for Robert because he is sooo hot, 
  • the beanie hat which reminds me of real rob
  •  the sunglasses to hide my puffy eyes afterwards...
Alicia Zen's Robsusitation Kit

  • Pack of tissues plus chocolates to use during the movie
  • an inhaler to use from the possible asthma attack from crying so hard
  • sun glasses to wear on your way to the restroom
  • make-up to try & correct the tear stains & a bottle of wine. 
  • Lets face it, you're gonna need a drink after watching Remember Me.
Thanks for all your entries guys...keep them coming!!

Emilie de Ravin Says Robert Pattinson Is A Nice, Funny, Genuine Guy

The actress, known to most for her role as Claire on Lost, sits down to talk about her starring role opposite Robert Pattinson in the new romantic drama Remember Me.

Click the link to view the video:

Via: ROBsessedBlog Source:

Robsuscitation Kit - another entry - where is yours?


  • Magazine - to fan self with when Rob is getting hot and heavy....I don't think I will be able to concentrate. I will also fan self before going into cinema to calm self down.
  • Tie - to tie self to seat when Rob has no shirt on.... I don't think the cinema will appreciate my licking the screen
  • RM Saturday UK badge - this is for showing support to Remember Me so the whole cinema know who we are!
  • 3D glasses - are for wearing when I want to see Rob close up and so can cover my eyes in case I cry
  • Toilet roll - is for wiping up my tears if I cry and in case of excitment overload :)
  • Finally mini eggs - these are for munching through the movie and adverst and also for hitting off annoying people who speak through the movie.
Excellent Kit, gets yours in so it can be posted on the blog, thanks @BatmanDisco

Saturday, 27 March 2010

#6 days and counting down until the release of Remember Me UK/IRE

Saturday 27th March 2010

Who are you taking along with you that would not otherwise have seen this movie?

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Yes, we are together. (French Magazine Showbiz Scan+ Translation)

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Yes, we are together.

They are young, celebrities and in love…when a vampire meets a human, it produces an earthly love.

The big day has arrived; the rumour no longer goes around. It is stopped to lift the mystery on this romance. The fans have waited impatiently for this moment  since 2008!

Yes, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are together. It’s what Robert confirmed in London at the BAFTA Awards, to a journalist from the tabloid The Sun. The same night, Kirsten, who returned to the United States, did not leave on her own. Robert made the trip with her, perhaps a foretaste of a honeymoon…
Their relationship has therefore been official since the 23rd February. Don’t worry girls; there is still Taylor Launter to console you…

The attractive Robert has totally dazzled Kristen. Reality has now outdated fiction. Now, the two young actors are a couple on screen as in real life, no longer have to hide and can openly express their love.

But there are some grey areas to this new romance that might affect their relationship and also their career. Victims of their success, Robert admits that this it is not easy to go out in public with his lady-love, fearing a riot from fans: “It’s very difficult, but yes, we are together. We did it so to avoid the media’s attention. We can never arrive somewhere together because of the fans. The situation is crazy! We have already attempted to show us as a couple, but it’s impossible. So yes, when we are together, it’s a public event, but it is not easy to manage.”

Their managers “are on guard” and seriously doubt that this connection will distance them from their objectives. They strongly hope that the two young actors spend a little less time together before the two lovebirds allow their feelings to the forefront, so that Robert should start filming, Bel Ami, a film adaptation of the book by Maupassant, and Kristen studies several projects.

Can they resist the strong media pressure? We hope that Edward will not abandon Bella asking her to continue her life as if he never existed…

Article from Showbiz (French Gossip Magazine) & Translated by @jenbirtles

Robsuscitation Kit's - entries so far, come on don't be shy!!

Veawen's kit

  • Ice cream - for during the film (pref Ben & Jerry's but not in freezer atm) during sad moments when you can only have comfort from hugging self and Ben&Jerry
  • Deoderant - for hot, fuzzy & confused moments.  Do not want to leave cinema embarrassed by wet armpits, practice run for future Bel Ami moments!
  • Tissues - 2 reasons, 1 for any sad bits while using tissue to pretend to cover sneeze while actually sobbing, second for cleaning steamed up glasses after steamy scenes.  Thinking of the cut in half bra which got stuck to the sheets .....*Purrrrrrrr*
  • Asthma inhaler - for hot or steamy scenes when getting tooooo hot to handle can always pretend attack is coming on
  • Plastic bag - for breathing aid, don't forget to put your head between your knees for the ultimate effect.
  • Chocolate - always your best friend in any situation .  Go for extra creamy just in case.

Robs T4 interview with Rick Edwards

Friday, 26 March 2010

Behind the scenes of Remember Me

via Bella's Diary

Waxbert VS. Robert

"Everybody Scream For Robert Pattinson" OK Magazine Scans

Unfortunately my scanner cut some of the page off!! Sorry guys :(
(OK Magazine 30th March 2010)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Pic just in from one of our RMSaturdayUK girls....

Thanks @CaseyDavoren

New Interview with Emilie de Ravin and Robert Pattinson at UK Premiere

Source: @letmesigndotcom @RPLife

Waxbert - hit or miss? You decide At 5.00am this morning thanks to @LadyFairyPants off I headed to London towing daughter along for company to see the Robster immortalised in wax at the mere cost of £150,000 quid.

Told to be at the security hut for 7.15 like any good fans should be, we were early, but what is this were are the others?  At 7.20 a mere 20 of us stood looking around for the other expected 80, looks like they got stood up if you ask me.

Then in we trot to the conference room where we are overlooked by JayKay [perhaps on his way to the great smelting pot in the sky?].  In the room we are asked to sign press releases and told how excited we are [really??] and that we must be great fans lalalalalal.  Then we are told not to touch the hair as he has only recently been dried off and must mind their fingers cos they snap off really easily, and as hands are sort of in pockets lord knows what you might snap off if you get too close lol.

In we march, queue this way, no move over that way, 'can you crane a bit and make some more noise please' [asking why cos its not real at this point].   Then they choose who they want to take pics with as 'we have a certain image we are going for' that leaves most of the hundreds [yes the 20] out of the pics and on the benches.

Oh and then we get to meet Rob lookie likee cos ITN are filming fan reactions to lookie likees, which they will show tonight, he thinks he looks like him, love him.

My daugher is asked for a quote and her age, they mis spell her name, she gains a few years, oh and several sentences I didn't actually hear her say, but such is life I suppose lol.

While pervin was requested, even I could not perv over waxbert cos that is just way to strange even for me but I did bring back the requested comparison shots of thumb porn/groin area and freckle.

On the upside our badge is noticed and sparks a lot of conversation about RM and opening weekend, so all was not lost.

The pics are here, so you decide, hit or miss, only the fans have the power.



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