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Saturday, 7 August 2010

"Call for affliates for Bel Ami UK"

It will soon be that time again peeps!

As it looks like a good betting possibility that we are going to see more 2011 release dates popping up soon then I am seeking affliates for the Bel Ami UK blog which will be up and running very soon.

Remember Me Saturday UK was fully supported by a whole range of wonderful affliates who supported us all the way through to the bitter end and this had a direct impact on spreading the word against strong media pressure to abandon this movie.  The fans of course pulled out all the stops to support this movie and have done so again through the purchasing of the dvd. 

 It is our plan to support Bel Ami in the same way, this is small art house film which will could also suffer from lack of attention at the box office.  But we know its gonna be a ripper [well of bodices anyhow's] and we want to support this classic all the way.  We can only do this if we can again enlist the help of the fans and the affliates to spread the word.

If you are interested in coming on board as an affliate then please email us at:

we look forward to listing you on our new blog site - Bring It On!!

"Bel Ami Still Set to be Released 2011"

There has been increased speculation over the release dates for Bel Ami recently, so lets just take a few minutes to reflect on what we think we know.

We have old news touted as new news, no news touted as breaking news and really just a lot of speculation!

What we do know is this [thanks to our official sources]

  • Protagonist list the movie delivery date as Dec 2010, which means distributors can expect to receive the movie by this date;

  • Our official sources both confirm that no release date has yet been set for the UK

What is news is that we have a Dutch release date of Feb 17th 2011, considering we have been predicting a Winter release for this movie then it looks like we were not that far out and lays to rest the Dec 2011 release chestnut me thinks.

What is clear is that more release dates will follow shortly along with stills, promo, comps and prem planning if you want to be part of that then get yourself over to:

Twitter: @BelAmiUK
and the blog will be following shortly

In the true vein of Remember Me Saturday UK join Julie and I on this journey to the Bel Ami UK release, Bring it On!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Final Remember Me UK DVD Launch Pub Quiz - Answers

To take part
Answer the questions below and once you have all your answers either post them on facebook with your @tag or email them ALL to Entries must be posted in by 10.00pm tonight
make sure you attach the requested pic with your answers
All quizzes will be marked asap and winners names posted in all our spaces

Your pub quiz questions and answers - pls note answers sourced from range of dedicated Rob sites

1 - Which letter can you see thru the tube window as the doors shut and Allys mum is shot? [F]

2 - How many pebbles does Caroline line up on top of Michae'ls headstone? [4]

3 - Who is the 'Boys to Men' of European Art History? [Whistler]

4 - How many people did Rob beat to win the role of Edward Cullen? [3000]

5 - What is spelt out on the leg of Aidans bed? [Chez Aidan]

6 - How much was the listed Remember Me budget cost? [$16 mill]

7 - What does Tyler use to get a mark of his trousers? [srubber brush - still think was spunk stain]

8 - What would Tyler rather have done to him with a toothbrush? [accepted labotomised/sodomised]

9 - Complete Aidans quote ‘Make her call you DADDY steal her PANTIES and sell them on EBAY’

10 - What film was Ally and her dad going to watch together? [Erin B]

11 - What football team does Rob support? [Arsenal]

12 - When Tyler writes in his notebook what was he writing? [letters to Michael / porn]

13 -What had Ally been drinking before vomiting with head down toilet? [Jello shots/alcohol]

14 - What does the poster with the orange circle on Tyler n Aidans flat wall say? [Amnesty International]

15 - Who is Rob's acting inspiration? [Jack Nicholson]

16 - How many freckles are there on Tylers back? [yes they have been counted!] [15]

17 - When was the last time Aidan had 1 drink? [communion]

18 - What star sign is Rob? [Taurus]

19 - Name the two songs Art performed in 'How To Be' [Chokin on Dust / Doing Fine]

20 - How old is the character Jacob that Rob is playing in Water for Elephants? [accepted 23 or 90-93]

Bonus point
Find your favourite Rob peen shot or Rob gurning shot and attach it to your pub quiz entry - [xtra point awarded for peen or funny face pic]

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Remember Me - fan review - just read it

Remember Me (2010)

A beautifully structured, engaging masterpiece, 14 March 2010

This film, definitely Robert Pattinson's most profound, is not to be taken or experienced lightly. It is a heavy drama that is less about romance than it is about family loss amidst tragedy. It is also the first film to surprise me in a very long time. I had no idea how it would conclude until about three minutes from the ending, which absolutely blew me away.

I went to see it with my girlfriend, and we had been waiting for it for a long time. We both expected it to be good, but what we were really hoping for was a Pattinson performance that demonstrated something beyond the level of range exhibited in his interpretation of Stephanie Meyer's lackluster anti-hero Edward Cullen. Needless to say, we got a lot more than we bargained for. Shockingly, not only did Pattinson easily eclipse both Pierce Brosnan's and Chris Cooper's performances as the two "fathers" of the story, which were both excellent, but he gave us something we will remember for a very long time. This is definitely the most powerful film I have seen in theaters over the past year. It reaches far beyond the limited emotional scope of "bigger" releases such as 'Avatar' or 'Shutter Island', both of which are disastrously overrated. What 'Remember Me' accomplishes with its riveting, no-holds-barred storytelling and its brilliant final sequence is a feat rarely, if ever, attempted so tastefully. It connects us with so many aspects of our reality, our own world, and our own history, that many of us try not to face. It forces us to examine what certain significant events mean in the progression of our lives and the lives of our families and friends. It examines how we relate to one another in both the simplest and most complex of our relationships. It ties our daily lives together with the unexpected, which is something that is often unavoidable whether we are prepared for it or not. And it provides us with some insight as to how to deal with our hardships in life. It doesn't give us all the answers, as no film or book or story of any kind could ever do, but it certainly inspires us to ask the tough questions.


Monday, 14 June 2010

Remember Me DVD sneak peek & commentary deets [spoilers]

Continue reading for the tweets about the commentary (if you don't mind being spoiled) you will note I have some bracketed insertions lol
Watching RM w Commentary.. Its Rob, Ruby and Emily. Rob's giggling alot.. very cute

Ruby loved Eddie's Sweet Shop!

Pornographic poems in bold letters... teehee [anyone got spare 5k so I can see said poems?]

Rob was only relaxed during the first scene with Ruby because she was calm..

He said when he was putting the books away at the Strand that he was reciting the alphabet to keep the books in order... lol

Rob had the most fun shooting the fight scene... no choreography involved apparently.
I was there when they filmed that. teehee. Rob loves the backpack

He claims to have stolen a guitar from set but producer says that they gave it to him.. lol [pretendin to be the bad boy]

Lots of talk about hemorroid cream... SMH

Aww.. the scene where Ruby tells Rob about the art show was improv'd

Rob compared Emilie to a Spice Girl because she wore the white tank with the black bra... she didnt like that too much. lol [bahahaha]

He was grossed out by the food during the dish washing scene and squirted Emilie square in the face the 1st time they shot that scene

Momma Pattinson thought Rob actually tattooed Michael on his chest.. lol

Ruby's quiet thru the sex scene. I really hope she isnt in the room with them during this discussion

Rob wanted to be a cop after watching the scene with Chris Cooper and his partner at the precinct

Birthday scene had 5 PAs blowing out the candles at the same time

Ruby said she related to Caroline on a lot of aspects and truly enjoyed playing the role

Ruby is jealous of Caroline's room

Rob says anyone would want a little sister like Caroline because she never gets annoying

Rob enjoyed watching the Oak room scene in NY because everyone got the baseball jokes and he didnt.

Rob loves the RM soundtrack

Museum scene was shot the day after Rob was introduced to a cab

Rob discussed the boardroom scene with Pierce weeks before filming it to make sure the emotions played out correctly

Wallsecks scene- Rob: Random spazmatic behavior.. he enjoyed slamming Emilie around on the wall that made too much noise - I'll bet he did [can so believe that you naughty boy!]

PSA: Make sure you've watched RM regularly before watching with commentary.. there are spoilers

Emilie was told to just attack n kiss Rob on beach... he was taken by surprise

Rob: When the poo has hit the fan.... <- I'm dying right now.. lmfao

Rob told Emilie to hit him harder when filming the break-up [wot a surprise - not]

Ruby says the party was a fun scene to shoot.. Rob says the little girls' energy is scary

Ruby said that she listened to music to get prepped for the haircut scene. She had to be fitted for various wigs

They're discussing th paparazzi's obnoxious behavior when they were filming the stoop scene.

They had to keep throwing the fire extingisher because it kept bouncing off the glass [macho Rob]

It took Rob a long time to get the hand puppet of the bird right on her back

WTC- Rob: It was so strange to see the scene you've filmed in context

Rob defines the office scene as the point in the movie where Tyler is at peace

Tears warning.. if typing gets a little funky, I apologize

They had to research if flat screens were around in 2001 which they were but extemely costly

Window scene- Rob: it was strange thinking about what was supposed to be happening. Emilie cried during the filming of that scene

The rooftop scene with Emilie and Aidan was done in reshoots

Rob was taken back by the exhaustion that Chris Cooper exhibited in the last scene.

Rob gushes about how fantasic an actress Lena Olin is.

Emilie says the train scene isnt sad but that she's accepting what's happened in her life and that she's living for Tyler.

The credits are rolling and when Rob sees his name on the screen, he says "He did a great job." [sarcasm drippin here one would imagine]

The film was dedicated to the victims of 9/11

They're doing the sign off.. Rob thanks the audience for watching and hopes they enjoyed the movie

source via spunk_ransom

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Remember Me DVD available for Pre-Order here in the UK

The Remember Me is now available for pre-order in the UK. The DVD and Blu-ray is to released on July 19th. Order now from

Note that I cannot find it anywhere else with this stated release date the other sites are still quoting the release date as July 26th.

We are of course excited, indeed very excited by the prospect of film commentary being provided in part by Rob as we are already anticipating his witty one liners to warm us up here a some gems we can expect to hear.

His sex scene was scary: Pattinson was “terrified” during his boom-boom moment with De Ravin. More so, he was sympathetic to the director of photography, “who had to look deep into my … crack for a long time.”
His mother was appalled at the thought of a tattoo: Pattinson’s character has his brother’s name inked on his left pec as a memorial. When his mom saw it in the “Remember Me” trailer, she called him immediately. “I was like, ‘Really, do you think I tattooed ‘Michael’ on my chest?”

Fans take note — when in Los Angeles, he reads scripts in a fast-food restaurant parking lot: “I was in an In ‘N Out burger car park where I used to always read scripts. … I realized I liked the character Tyler in the first four pages.” Perhaps he celebrated with a Double-Double.

Busy times ahead people with the opening of Eclipse not far away, well further away for us in the UK but from July 2nd if you have secured your advance screening tixs like all good groupies should, followed by the Remember Me DVD release July 19th/26th depending on where you are getting your goods from.

Remember to join me on twitter to take part in our very very very final pub quiz deets to follow but will run just before the DVD release with prizes because I know you like the prizes.

See you all very soon.

~ Kathy ~


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

So what impact did we all have?

Remember Me opened in the UK on April 2nd ranked at No 7 in the box office countdown.

2 - 4 April Remember Me took in -  £987,310 over 354 sites, giving a screen average of £2,789 ($4297)

In comparison over the US opening weekend, the film opened at No 5, grossing $8,089,139 over 2,212 sites, giving a screen average of $3,657 (£2,373)

Suggesting that on a site by site basis that the UK opening was on a par if not slightly higher than the US opening figures, somewhat surprising considering the amount of PR and profiling done in the US in comparison to the TV spots and pre-recorded PR efforts afforded to the UK launch of the film.  While both had premieres the US version was larger and more substantially represented than that provided in the UK.
Therefore we would like to suggest that the fan campaign and support provided by the followers of the movie has had an impact on it's level of success in the UK and in Ireland.

9 - 11 April saw Remember Me remain static at No 7 and reported that the movie had done well in comparison to the overall takings from other movies over the same period.
Taking in £521,757 from 364 sites giving a screen average of £1433 a drop of approx 47%.
Combined sales totals across the linked areas rose to £2,639,885 [$4,059.301]

16 - 18 April second promoted Fan Event Weekend sees Remember Me hanging onto No10 at the box office taking in £225,397 from 344 sites a screen average of £655 dropping more than 50% on the previous week.. However this was in the week that Dear John opened at No 1 with huge box office figures, given the promotion around this movie this was not unexpected.
Combined sales totals across the linked areas now stand at £3,363,390 [$5,162,756] 

23 - 25 April week four saw Remember me drop to No15 at the UK box office taking in £70,866 from 191 sites giving an average of £371 per site.
Combined sales totals across the linked areas now stand at £3,434,256 [$5,494,638]

Currently Remember Me has taken:
US Domestic figures 27/04 - $19,020,385 [40.6%]
Foreign figures 25/04 - $27,785,083 [59.4%]
of which UK, Ireland & Malta have contributed $5,494,638 [25/4]

Worldwide totals currently stand at $46,805,468

Did we make a difference?

When I initally saw the figures I was gutted but when I reflected I thought hang on a minute here, as a fan base for the movie we have made a phenomenal difference to the success of this movies in our resident areas.

We have fans that for the first time in their lives have turned out on opening night and paid full price for a ticket [cos I always go on cheap Tues or Orange Wed] and you made others who would not have seen this move go as well!

You didn't turn out 1 or 2 times, you have gone 3, 4, 5, 6 and @KatieDuffin24 10 times, to support this movie, its cast and the messages it stood for.

You have provided reviews, shared your thoughts and recounted your best scenes and what if anything you would have changed in the movie, and you have continued to support the Twitter, Blog and Facebook mediums that have been used.  You have even taken part in crazy pub quizzes and competitions to win badges, robpornparties and always been ready to become involved and support in any way you can.

I am proud to have been involved in this campaign and I thank @jenbirtles and @keogirl for the support they have given me and @remembermefans for asking me to front the UK Twitter account it has been a blast.

But most of all I thank you, the followers and supporters of this movie, you rock and have made what could have been [lets face it] a box office disaster into a firm success.  There is no other way to describe a $16 mill budget movie which has already grossed $46+ mill worldwide, has yet to open in Japan and several other markets and still has the DVD market to capture.

The pleasure has been all mine, thank you.

~ Kathy ~

Massive thanks to all the sponsers who helped get the word out about the UK Remember Me release and fan events

Thanks for your contribution to making Remember Me a box office success in UK/Ire

A list of all the RMSaturdayUK sponsers who so willingly advertised Remember Me and posted links on their fantastic sites

A chance to share your culinary skills for charity

Robert Pattinson Fansite Cookbook Project

By supporting this project you will be able to contribute to the charities that Rob himself supports, while also getting the chance to show off your cooking skills by providing a receipe and a pic to be included within this very worthwhile project.  Masterchef will have nothing on you - follow the link for more information and get cooking!!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

RM Sat UK Remember Me pub quiz winner

And the winner of the Remember Me quiz, demonstrating superior RM knowledge was @Veawen.

The prize - a stunning one off, never to be repeated certificate, no expense spared lol.

Well done to all who took part, the pleasure as always was mine.

That was the last pub quiz unless by public demand we run one prior to the release of the Remember Me DVD, what do you think?

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Sat UK Pub Quiz - Luv Remember Me more tribute

This quiz is for fun and to show of your superior Remember Me knowledge
To take part
  • Answer the questions below and once you have all your answers either post them on facebook with your @tag or email them ALL to must be posted in by 10.00pm tonight
  • make sure you attach the requested pic with your answers
  • All quizzes will be marked by tomorrow and winners names posted in all our spaces
1. What colour Tshirt is Tyler wearing on the fire escape?

2. What does Aidan say the ‘S.L.U.T’ stands for?

3. What accent has Tyler’s dad got?

4. How much money did Remember Me make in its UK opening weekend?

5. Who wrote Remember Me and what was it originally called?

6. Who else auditioned for the role of Aidan?

7. When will Remember Me be out on DVD in the UK?

8. In one scene we see a former Rob character popping out – which one?

9. Complete Aidan’s quote “that’s why chicks .... you man. They love ...................

10. What does Tyler think is there to tease him?

11. What is Tyler’s middle name?

12. What drew Rob to the role of Tyler?

13. How much is Remember Me expected to gross worldwide?

14. In the kitchen scene what colour is the washing up liquid?

15. How many freckles do you reckon are on Tyler’s back?

16. What does Caroline say that she is going to call the portrait of her brother/first portrait?

17. Is Aidan right or left handed?

18. Does Rob prefer tea or coffee?

19. Where has Aidan planted his flag?

20. Find a pic of Rob’s lunch box  [best crotch shot u can find] and post with your answers.

Team RMSatUK'S account of the UK Remember Me premiere 17/03/10

Created by @jenbirtles

Remember Me Saturday UK Pub Quiz Round 2...

Remember Me Saturday UK pub quiz round 2.....8pm BST TONIGHT

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Luv Remember Me More - April 17th second Fan Saturday

April 17th Fan Saturday
As opening weekend was such a success then why the hell not Luv Remember Me More and do it all again, lets have another fan Saturday to show our luv for the movie, cast and off course Rob.

Drag out your virgins [if there are any left] or the grannies and grandads off the bus, but lets give this one more bashing,  you have already shown what a formidable fan base you are so lets break out the big guns one more time.

Later this week when the box office figs our out for the last week we will do a complete breakdown and fully celebrate the difference this campaign has made.

For more info or to pair up with other peeps then visit the facebook events page for more details and to share information - Bring it!!

Remember Me fan review - keep them coming

Review from @angiebabes81

Finally saw Remember Me today, I manged to drag my reluctant boyfriend along to see it with me & I was completely engrossed in everything about it from beginning to end and he was actually surprised that he really enjoyed it too!:)

I wouldn't say it's like any movie I have seen before so it has lots of originality to it. I found the storyline really compelling and quite touching.

I do like movies with twist endings but this one really surprised me & I wasn't quite ready for the tears that were about to flow from me!

I think all the actors in the movie did an absolutely fantastic job but my main focus was on the gorgeous Robert Pattinson, I was intriged to see how well he could pull off the role of Tyler without reminding me of Edward and he completely did, I couldn't fault him one little bit, he did an amazing job in this role. I will definetly be buying the DVD when it comes out!:)

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Remember Me UK DVD release

UK release date is set for July 26th, you can pre order from Amazon through link below, prepare for when it leaves our cinemas.


Thursday, 8 April 2010

April 17th Luv Remember Me More - second fan Saturday, be there

While many of you will continue to visit RM over the this week and weekend, I feel we need to make another large scale effort to take along as many RM and Rob virgin as possible to experience the emotions that only Remember Me can provide.

Your mission is to collect said virgins of all varities and convince them to go along with you on April 17th to share Remember Me together, and you have done it once so I know you can do it again.  You have just over a week to plan your operation, identify the virgins and take them down!

RM and Rob fans are amazing and you can make this happen, bring it.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

UK Film Council box office reporting figs April 2nd - 4th

Remember Me opens at No 7 in the UK taking just short of £1mill, including Easter Monday takings climbed to £1.2mill - approx $2mill US dollars, not bad going for a little Indie flick.  It opened in 354 screens making the screen average for opening weekend £2,789.
It is important to keep going to see RM to keep the figures up, and I will get a banner up for a further fan saturday event I think we will go for April 17th where we can re group and go and see it all again, or again, or again lol.
Thanks for all your hard work and support you  have been amazing


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

SKY MOVIES Remember Me Review...

Remember Me

DIRECTOR: Allen Coulter
STARS: Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper
Robert Pattinson makes the fantasy-to-reality transition easy on Twi-hards by keeping it emo for Remember Me. Co-starring alongside R-Patz is Lost's Emilie De Ravin in this tragic romance about a pair of tortured souls and their burgeoning relationship set against the trials and tribulations of their respective families.


1991 and a sickeningly malicious subway robbery leaves a mother dead and her cop husband left to raise his daughter alone. Fast forward a decade and the little girl is now an NYU student still living with her over-protective father. Into her life comes Tyler, the tearaway son of a upper middle class family ripped apart by its own past tragedies.

Bookended by a pair of genuine body blows – of which more later – what's most impressive about the film is that it is a genuine two-hander. It would have been very easy for this to have become The Pattinson Show but debutante writer Will Fetters and Hollywoodland director Allen Coulter have the wit and intelligence to use their star to draw the audience into the story rather than just into the cinema. Both script and pacing allow the leads the necessary time and space to breathe so that, when their stories do ultimately intersect, its natural to want to follow them both together and apart.

Innocently stepping in to stop a street fight, Pattinson's character ends up first squaring up to, and then getting a lesson in fisticuffs from, the arresting officer. When its pointed out that he shares a university class with the cop's daughter, a vindictive plan is hatched to love her and leave her. But the path of true revenge never runs smoothly and its not long before the teen-friendly Machiavellian scheme turns into something a little more heartfelt – thanks to the transitory powers of home-cooked spaghetti and showering with a friend.

Fortunately both parties are blighted with the vagueness-masquerading-as-profundity gene that seems rife in all angst-ridden US drama so exchanges like the following become de rigeur as each gradually becomes the other's special someone:

Him: “I'm undecided.”
Her: “On what?”
Him: “On everything.”

Oh God, he's so windswept and interesting, so tortured and deep. So deep, in fact, that he can't even raise a smile at American Pie 2 when all about him are coughing up a lung – and, as well all know, that movie was high-larious. In short, at the outset of the film the characters are about as slappable as anyone over the age of 22 could possibly imagine. What saves them is having juuuuuuust enough tragedy trowelled on to make you feel guilty for wanting to bang their heads together.

However, a very strange thing happens as the characters begin to reveal themselves. While he's struggling with bringing the prodigal and seemingly uncaring father back into the family fold she's doing everything she can to keep Daddy at arm's length. And, as the machinations of the relationship play out in a fairly standard manner, its difficult not to become emotionally involved.

And then there's the ending...

As left turns go in movies, its a biggie but its probably best to think of it more like the end of one of Christopher Guest's movies than M. Night Shyamalan's.

In Guest's films a seemingly meandering plot suddenly comes screaming into focus with a single incident that defines the emotional build up that has led to it – David St Hubbins motioning Nigel Tuffnell back on stage in Spinal Tap, the will-the-won't-they kiss at the end of the rainbow in A Mighty Wind. At this point you realise that every single aspect of what has come before has been a delicately crafted progression towards a satisfying yet surprising conclusion.

At best Remember Me's concluding twist could be considered audacious, at worst hugely manipulative. Strangely effective as a bombastic emotional crescendo to the film, the ending still seems strangely out of place in what has been a clearly identifiable single genre drama. As an experiment, can we suggest saying the name of the movie out loud as you walk into the cinema and then doing the same on the way out. We're willing to put money on the fact that you'll interpret it differently the second time around.

Remember Me has the set up of a low-rent, high-concept teen comedy and the sledgehammer ending of a twistier-than-a-Curly-Wurly-on-a-Helter-Skelter thriller. Whether either sit comfortably within the parameters of a straight ahead character piece is open to debate. What is certain is that Pattinson is most definitely playing to the Twilight base while widening his appeal beyond the breathless tri-colour clad teens that have pronounced him as the second coming.
Tim Postins

Sunday, 4 April 2010

*SPOILERS* More Remember Reviews from home and abroad - keep them coming

Review from Miriam Cadoni @NoctConcerto - Italy

SPOILERS* First of all I want to a make a little critique to Summit : next time please don't publish all the trailers please, certain scenes I've learned the dialogues by heart (for ex.when tyler meets ally for the first time).

Second critique : the main trailer is really based all on the lovestory between Tyler and Ally.. for this I don't wanna say that I was disappointed by this but I was really really surprised by the whole history...

After the critiques, I want to say KUDOS to Summit for this film, it's fantastic!

ATTENTION : if are searching the vampire here.. stay away for this film.. here you find Robert in a more deep, complicated, more interesting too role. Also if are going to the cinema to watch a simply lovestory, you wrong, dude... since the lovestory is one of the elements that completes the history's film.

So now let's start -I've been at the cinema in my city in Italy on the 26th March -, I really love Tyler's role because in some manners represents the today's reality.. divorced parents with an extended family, have comunications problems with the dad and so on.

There's a lot of alcool and smoke (about this I want to know how many packet of cigarettes has smoked Robert during the shooting of the film hahahahaha) and for this I want to advice the film to an audience over 16.. maybe children aren't able to understand the film...

Ally, instead, represents Tyler's salvation in all the aspects and facts. When her is near Tyler all is easy to solve.. an example Ally, in some manners, after Caroline's accident (poor child), try to make understand with her love to Tyler that his dad is suffering like him for Micheal's suicide and that he must solve all the comunications problems with Charles.

The fight scene is the key to all the film, without that Tyler will never meet Ally. Maybe I have been disappointed by the sex scene : now I don't want to pass for a pervert person, but I have read in some directors interview that they have cut some scene because of the censorship and if they kept those scenes the film will have been an R rated, the film needed that hot scenes to make undestand the love that Ally feels for Tyler.. it's a really strong feeling.

At the half of the film, I've fell like something (I don't know what precisely) maybe a feeling.. the music has confirmed this thought that I'm just saying now... like that is going to happen an imminent catastrophe.. when I have read the date on blackboard I've understood all.."Tuesday - September 11,2001".

I've literally start to crying and saying "Godness, why this?"

After Tyler has found the right balance with love and his complicated relationship with the dad.. a fucking kamikaze has vanished all the effort... hell, I'm feeling so devasted about the end of ths film... I'm totally without words, really. If one part of my heart says "Godness, why this?" the other part says "I'm happy that the final wasn't expected like the classic lovestory ends with a marriage".

Also I want to add that I'm really happy to have spent 7 € of my allowance for watch this film. It deserves.

Review by Isabella Carter [Chelsea]
Forget the critics and their (occasionally biased) negative reviews. Go watch Remember Me. It is ultimately a brilliant movie, satisfying in it’s take on love, loss and life. It certainly gave me a lot to think about, which accurately suits the title. I left the theater hall dazed, unsure after its sudden twist of fate at the end. Did it suit the movie? Precisely so. The theme of loss and coping with life’s struggles seems to main theme of this movie, regardless of the trailers suggesting otherwise. Did I LIKE the ending? Not as much in the movie, but that’s because it was more affective in the script. The plane crashing and the footage on the TV and Tyler’s voice-overs. But with all the backlash it’s been getting for it, it’s better that those finer, more intimate details were left out. Overall, the finale was affective and memorable.

I’d just like to mention how proud I am of Robert, being a big fan of his and all. He wonderfully proved his worth, his skills and timing, in terms of acting both physically and emotionally in this movie. His snarky remarks, witty responses, insulting curses, and best of all, deep thoughts were expressed very well. You see him totally let go in some scenes, then grudgingly hold back in others. I was particularly impressed with that scene between him and the amazing Pierce Brosnan, who plays his dad. The way he shouted, how he looked, struttered, stormed around, it looked surprisingly natural, as shocking as that sounds. And I’m being a 100% honest and unbiased here when I say that I was blown away. You see, in most movies, people who are supposedly really angry just seem to scream and shout in perfect, clear sentences at each other. And in real life, that doesn’t happen, not often, at least. You’re supposed to be at a point where you’re so angry, you can barely form coherent thoughts or proper sentences, which was exactly how Tyler was. It was a short but distinguishing scene for me. Rob IS an actor. A real, raw one, at that. And he’s here to stay.

The chemistry between Rob and Emilie De Ravin, who skillfully plays his love interest Ally, was arguably very present, and believable. They’re not your love-at-first-sight type of pair, he only asked her out to get revenge on her dad, and she didn’t even wanna go on date with him. At first. Hell, she doesn’t even kiss him! She eventually does, probably just to make him shut the **** up. Tyler blabbers like a 5-year-old on a sugar rush, but it’s relatable and quite endearing. Their first date is as awkward as a real-life blind date would be. I enjoyed that scene, because it wasn’t a Disney-perfect first date where everything goes fine and dandy… and they all lived happily ever after. Uh, no. Definitely not. Their second date is at his apartment, they’re a little drunk, they drench each other (literally) and then his roommate, Aidan, played by charming Tate Ellington, persuades them to go for one (meaning a hundred) drink. She gets so drunk, she throws up and crashes Tyler’s bed. And.. wait for it… he DOES NOT sleep with her. Woah. It’s a turn from there, she starts believing him, and after running away from home because of a big fight with her dad, played by deserving Oscar winner, Chris Cooper, she goes to Tyler’s apartment for comfort. He sincerely tells her she’s more than welcome, and well, I guess you know what happens next. Her those shrieks? Yeah, I thought so. Their love-making scene(s) are surprisingly beautiful, filled with lust, passion, and an obvious feel of growing love and respect for one another, not at all distasteful or inappropriate.

Moving on to Tyler’s favourite (one of, I mean) girl. His little sister, Caroline. Ruby Jerins plays her brilliantly. The brother-sister relationship between these two is quite easily the best among all relationships, which says quite a lot seeing as all the relationships in the movie worked rather well. Even from the beginning it is obvious that the relationship between Tyler and Caroline goes much deeper than a bond bonded by blood. It is clearly the feeling of loss and loneliness that has brought these two so close to each other, ironic because it’s those exact emotions that have pushed them so far away from everyone else. But that’s the beauty of their relationship. They discuss their problems, but it’s not doom and gloom every second of the way. He brings out the independent, fun and joyous child in her, as she does with his young, playful and loving side. It’s absorbing to watch such mature characteristics arise from such young tormented beings. It’s also refreshing to see Tyler use his violent temper for a (kind of) good cause instead of just getting himself into serious shit. He constantly raises his voice at his dad for being, for lack of a better term, an arrogant asshole who cares only about his business, and it is basically the full circle of their relationship in the movie. But Tyler goes completely berserk when his sister’s hair is chopped off at a birthday party by her shameless “friends”. He literally trashes her classroom at school, terrorizing those girls and unknowingly satisfies his sister. It’s devastating to watch Caroline’s face as she grieve-strikenly sees the World Trade Centre go down in pieces, with her whole world in it.

Speaking of that, I’d like to address the so-called “offensive”, “tasteless” and “manipulative” ending. I just don’t get how those terms could have gotten associated with what happened. Why was Tyler’s death so exploiting? Because he died in 9/11? Does that mean that all those people were wrong to die in a terrorist attack? Because all those 3,000 people were just like Tyler, in case no one noticed. Tyler walked out of his apartment that day after telling his girlfriend he loved her, something probably every love-striken human being said that morning. But like Tyler, did they KNOW it would their last time? Did they know that they were leaving the people the loved most with only those 3 words to hold on to for the rest of their lives?? No. Tyler didn’t, and neither did they. SO, what I’m trying to say is, Tyler’s life could have easily been one of those 3,000 people’s life that day. This movie wasn’t made to exploit 9/11, or to gain sympathy and recognition, or to give Robert Pattinson a chance to show his skills in bed. No. This movie was made to ask the people of New York and the world to “Remember Me”, to remember all those Tylers that had lived such average lives but had died in such a tragic way. To grasp that life, no matter how perfect at one moment, can take a 180-degree turn the next moment. To remind the audience to “Live In The Moment” and to make every word heard and every action count. Because it could as well be your last, just like Tyler’s was, on a sunny morning of the 9th of September in the year 2001.
One last thing. The characters in this movie are brilliant, despite what the critics say, They felt real and honest and deep and above all, believable. Calling the Hawkins and the Craigs "a sad bunch of over-the-top dramatic, torn up families" is downright wrong. Ally lost her mom at 10, she SAW her getting killed right before her eyes. Her dad lost his wife to mugging, who, as a cop, works hard day and night to stop all that shit. Tyler and Caroline lost their brother to suicide, because he couldn't stand life anymore. Diane and Charles lost their son, and they carry the blame on their shoulders. Charles thinks it's his fault for pushing Michael, so he stays out of Tyler and Caroline's life, which saddens Caroline and enrages Tyler. Their parents are divorced. Honestly tell me straight up that no one you know has ever lost a brother or sister, or a parent or a child. Tell me that you don't know anyone who feels left-out. Tell me you've never rebelled against things. Tell me you've never done irresponsible things, tell me you've never over-reacted or lost your head. Tell me you've ever once felt like life is too unbearable, and you just want it to be over. Tell me you’ve never thought about those you lost who were so close to you, they were practically your twin. Tell me you've never loved someone so much, you could see right through their bad habits. Tell me you've never been at the wrong place at the wrong time. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, tell me you've never been caught surprised by life's changes. Tell me you know exactly what's going to happen next. Tell me that life is PREDICTABLE, and I will gladly condemn this movie with every ounce of my being.

If you have any doubts about seeing this movie, I suggest you put them away and go for it. You don’t have to be a Twilight, Lost, or James Bond fan to enjoy this movie. Go in with an open mind and you will exit the cinema with brand new opinions about… well, to quote the late Tyler Hawkins, everything.

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Remember Me

You're unlikely to follow the advice contained in the title of unfortunate family drama, writes Philip French
They really shouldn't have (l-r): Robert Patttinson, Emilie de Ravin and Pierce Brosnan in Remember Me. Photograph: Myles Aronowitz
  1. Remember Me
  2. Production year: 2010
  3. Country: USA
  4. Cert (UK): 12A
  5. Runtime: 112 mins
  6. Directors: Allen Coulter
  7. Cast: Chris Cooper, Emilie de Ravin, Lena Olin, Martha Plimpton, Pierce Brosnan, Robert Pattinson
  8. More on this film
This ineffectual family drama brings together a cop's daughter whose mother was killed in a New York subway mugging and a rich businessman's alienated son (Robert Pattinson pouting and strutting as if auditioning for a remake of Rebel Without a Cause). Unwisely, some would say inexcusably, it uses the destruction of the World Trade Centre to resolve its issues

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Remember Me, review

Robert Pattinson’s new film Remember Me should have "Crass Twist Alert" emblazoned on the poster.

Dir: Allen Coulter. Starring: Robert Pattinson; Pierce Brosnan. Rating: * *
12A cert; 112 mins
Robert Pattinson’s hair will get the teens in for this mopey New York romance, but goodness, do they have a shock in store.
Dramatically speaking, a brother who committed suicide and a mum gunned down on the subway are the best things that ever happened to Pattinson’s Tyler and Emilie de Ravin’s Ally, who come together in their grief, damaged souls with tumbling locks, great cheekbones and not a lot else going for them.
As a test for the Pattster’s James Dean credentials, it’s watchable but unpersuasive: for all his railing against stuffy Dad (Pierce Brosnan), we never quite twig what Tyler’s problem is.
He’s thumped with a huge one when Will Fetters’s script piggybacks on tragedy at the end, hoping to give itself a point: this should have “Crass Twist Alert” and “Guess the Date!” emblazoned on the poster. But there’s still no point.


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