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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Final Remember Me UK DVD Launch Pub Quiz - Answers

To take part
Answer the questions below and once you have all your answers either post them on facebook with your @tag or email them ALL to Entries must be posted in by 10.00pm tonight
make sure you attach the requested pic with your answers
All quizzes will be marked asap and winners names posted in all our spaces

Your pub quiz questions and answers - pls note answers sourced from range of dedicated Rob sites

1 - Which letter can you see thru the tube window as the doors shut and Allys mum is shot? [F]

2 - How many pebbles does Caroline line up on top of Michae'ls headstone? [4]

3 - Who is the 'Boys to Men' of European Art History? [Whistler]

4 - How many people did Rob beat to win the role of Edward Cullen? [3000]

5 - What is spelt out on the leg of Aidans bed? [Chez Aidan]

6 - How much was the listed Remember Me budget cost? [$16 mill]

7 - What does Tyler use to get a mark of his trousers? [srubber brush - still think was spunk stain]

8 - What would Tyler rather have done to him with a toothbrush? [accepted labotomised/sodomised]

9 - Complete Aidans quote ‘Make her call you DADDY steal her PANTIES and sell them on EBAY’

10 - What film was Ally and her dad going to watch together? [Erin B]

11 - What football team does Rob support? [Arsenal]

12 - When Tyler writes in his notebook what was he writing? [letters to Michael / porn]

13 -What had Ally been drinking before vomiting with head down toilet? [Jello shots/alcohol]

14 - What does the poster with the orange circle on Tyler n Aidans flat wall say? [Amnesty International]

15 - Who is Rob's acting inspiration? [Jack Nicholson]

16 - How many freckles are there on Tylers back? [yes they have been counted!] [15]

17 - When was the last time Aidan had 1 drink? [communion]

18 - What star sign is Rob? [Taurus]

19 - Name the two songs Art performed in 'How To Be' [Chokin on Dust / Doing Fine]

20 - How old is the character Jacob that Rob is playing in Water for Elephants? [accepted 23 or 90-93]

Bonus point
Find your favourite Rob peen shot or Rob gurning shot and attach it to your pub quiz entry - [xtra point awarded for peen or funny face pic]



Which film are you going to see on April 2nd/3rd

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