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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Sat UK Pub Quiz - Luv Remember Me more tribute

This quiz is for fun and to show of your superior Remember Me knowledge
To take part
  • Answer the questions below and once you have all your answers either post them on facebook with your @tag or email them ALL to must be posted in by 10.00pm tonight
  • make sure you attach the requested pic with your answers
  • All quizzes will be marked by tomorrow and winners names posted in all our spaces
1. What colour Tshirt is Tyler wearing on the fire escape?

2. What does Aidan say the ‘S.L.U.T’ stands for?

3. What accent has Tyler’s dad got?

4. How much money did Remember Me make in its UK opening weekend?

5. Who wrote Remember Me and what was it originally called?

6. Who else auditioned for the role of Aidan?

7. When will Remember Me be out on DVD in the UK?

8. In one scene we see a former Rob character popping out – which one?

9. Complete Aidan’s quote “that’s why chicks .... you man. They love ...................

10. What does Tyler think is there to tease him?

11. What is Tyler’s middle name?

12. What drew Rob to the role of Tyler?

13. How much is Remember Me expected to gross worldwide?

14. In the kitchen scene what colour is the washing up liquid?

15. How many freckles do you reckon are on Tyler’s back?

16. What does Caroline say that she is going to call the portrait of her brother/first portrait?

17. Is Aidan right or left handed?

18. Does Rob prefer tea or coffee?

19. Where has Aidan planted his flag?

20. Find a pic of Rob’s lunch box  [best crotch shot u can find] and post with your answers.



Which film are you going to see on April 2nd/3rd

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