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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Rolling Stone – Why are Twi-hards Deserting RPattz and KStew at the Box Office When They Don’t Play Edward and Bella?

Twilight fans are so rabid that you expect them to turn out to help Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart open their non-Twilight films out of loyalty or dumb curiosity. And yet Remember Me, starring RPattz as an NYU student coping with life and love in a year of global tragedy, opened soft last week and crashed a massive 60 percent in its second weekend. That bites, even though Pattinson didn’t.

As for Kristen Stewart, the once and future Bella Swan won decent reviews for playing female rock pioneer Joan Jett in The Runaways. And still the film barely grossed $1 million in its debut. On the other hand, audiences turned out $21 million worth to see Jennifer Aniston spar with Gerard Butler in the abysmally unfunny Bounty Hunter. How has Friends inspired Aniston fealty so far beyond its sell-by date?

Twi-hards, I want answers. The main audience for KStew’s rocker-chick flick turned out to be women 25 and older, a demo that actually might remember the Runaways. Younger audiences stayed away. Why? And did Remember Me’s dud reviews (a pathetic 27 percent favorable on discourage RPattz fans from watching him emote without benefit of the brooding Cullen vampire legacy?

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Kitti said...

Poppycock! They obviously didn't see the hordes of fans at the UK premiere of Remember Me. Plus, it hasn't opened here yet. Give us chance ;)
Also, there was talk of not even screening The Runaways to the UK audience which is, quite frankly, ridiculous. We're a loyal lot if we're given the chance to be :)


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