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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Robsuscitation Kits just in

Two more fantastic entries, thanks to everyone who took part, I will send the links to @rocar86 who designed my kit and she will decide the overall winner, will let you know the outcome by tomorrow evening.  Good luck to you all

@CosmicGirl78 entry for the Robsuscitation Kit Challenge

  • Tissues - as much as I have tried to avoid spoilers am getting the feeling it might be a bit sad, note to self wear waterproof mascara!
  • Remember Me Sat UK badge - showing my dedication [as I will be all week and after]
  • Dark glasses - these are for my friend to wear when she gets embarrased by my fangirling behaviour, thought  it was only fair to provide her with some sort of disguise & I may need them after if I have puffy eyes
  • Bib - well this of course a wise choice as there will be much drooling going on and I can't be worrying about that when I am watching the film - problem solved!!
  • Lollipops - need something to suck to keep mought from going dry [unavoidable when your staring, mouth open, drooling] & to keep me quiet throughout as I do tend to get a little excited in the presence of Rob
  • Binoculars - to get in even closer on the really good parts!!!
  • Water pistol - for anyone who interrypts my time with Rob or restricts my view lol yeah so anyone who goes to pee, has popcorn fights, talks of plays with their phone...WATCH OUT! If not used for that purpose can be used for cooling off.
  • NHS Direct No on speed dial - in case heart races too much and I have a funny turn.

@CB_Robsessed entry for Robsuscitation Kit Challenge

  • Glasses - to get a better view
  • Tissues - in case of tears
  • Chocolates - will need those to eat during the film
  • New pants - for after the sex scene [of course will only change these in screen if absolutely necessary as may cause a distraction]
  • make up wipes and mascara - to correct face appearance at end of film
  • hand held fan - will have to buy this to ensure hot flushes are under control



Which film are you going to see on April 2nd/3rd

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