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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Waxbert - hit or miss? You decide At 5.00am this morning thanks to @LadyFairyPants off I headed to London towing daughter along for company to see the Robster immortalised in wax at the mere cost of £150,000 quid.

Told to be at the security hut for 7.15 like any good fans should be, we were early, but what is this were are the others?  At 7.20 a mere 20 of us stood looking around for the other expected 80, looks like they got stood up if you ask me.

Then in we trot to the conference room where we are overlooked by JayKay [perhaps on his way to the great smelting pot in the sky?].  In the room we are asked to sign press releases and told how excited we are [really??] and that we must be great fans lalalalalal.  Then we are told not to touch the hair as he has only recently been dried off and must mind their fingers cos they snap off really easily, and as hands are sort of in pockets lord knows what you might snap off if you get too close lol.

In we march, queue this way, no move over that way, 'can you crane a bit and make some more noise please' [asking why cos its not real at this point].   Then they choose who they want to take pics with as 'we have a certain image we are going for' that leaves most of the hundreds [yes the 20] out of the pics and on the benches.

Oh and then we get to meet Rob lookie likee cos ITN are filming fan reactions to lookie likees, which they will show tonight, he thinks he looks like him, love him.

My daugher is asked for a quote and her age, they mis spell her name, she gains a few years, oh and several sentences I didn't actually hear her say, but such is life I suppose lol.

While pervin was requested, even I could not perv over waxbert cos that is just way to strange even for me but I did bring back the requested comparison shots of thumb porn/groin area and freckle.

On the upside our badge is noticed and sparks a lot of conversation about RM and opening weekend, so all was not lost.

The pics are here, so you decide, hit or miss, only the fans have the power.



Kelly said...

I'm pathetic cause I'm posting anytime someone asks my opinion.... I hate it.. ok that's all... but thanks for the post and the pics... :)

Yaman09 said...

I think it's a fail to be honest, this looks like he smelt a fart !

Jenbirtles said...

I think its bloody awful!! looks like Kernicky from Grease.

TheShyDutchGirl said...

I think it's a miss... definitely!


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