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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Keogirl's Review S*P*O*I*L*E*R ALERT!!!!

Robert Pattinson is not my Edward,  When I read any of the Twilight books he is not who I imagine, My Edward doesn't really have a face…just a smoking hot body! 

So even though I like the Twilight movies I've never been able to decide if I think Robs doing a good job or not….After watching Remember Me, I can now say with my hand on my heart that he is defiantly Edward.  Why?  Because there isn't a trace of good ol' Eddie boy in his portrayal of Tyler Hawkins in Remember Me!

He 100% silences critics with his performance as the little boy lost in one of the most heart warming and heart breaking films i've seen in many years.  This movie has everything you could possible want in a Love story,  You will laugh, cry, smile, frown, gasp and more than likely fall harder for Mr P!

The film has been incredibly well cast and everyone really shines in their roles, There are however a few accent issues from Emilie De Ravin and 007 himself but nothing that isn't forgotten as soon as its noticed. 
Ruby Jerins is adorable as Rob's younger sister and it's easy to see why she was cast for the part,  The two R's bounce of each other incredibly well and it makes for great viewing! 

The tension between Rob and Pierce is fantastic and one could be mistaken for thinking that they actually hated each other.  This is also true for the not so nice banter between Chris cooper and Mr P!  With one scene in particular having me on the edge of my seat! 

Now onto the good stuff….
The chemistry between Emilie and Rob is soooo hot I thought about stripping down in the cinema and pouring the free drink over my head!  These too seriously know how to show an audience a good time!  There isn't as many sex scenes as you would expect (or hope), but the main scene is incredibly done and fantastically shot.  I can guarantee it will leave you wide eyed and breathless!  

The great thing about this film is that even though we are all well aware and excited that there will be sex scene's, they don't happen every 5 minutes, at one point in the movie it's pretty obvious that they're gonna do it, but its very much a "fade to black" situation, which is perfect as it would of been completely pointless and would run the risk of making the film seem a little cheap and using Rob's sex symbol status to sell movies!


Having read the script beforehand I knew what to expect from the ending, however this didn't make it any less shocking and heartbreaking to watch….(If you don't want to know the ending then stop reading here.)  

What I love about this movie is that Rob's character doesn't really do anything hugely significant, He doesn't make his father see the error of his ways and suddenly he is father of the year,  he doesn't stop his friend from being a douche with the women, He just makes them realise.  Don't take anything for granted because one day it may all be gone! This is what helps make this film authentic, realistic and totally loveable.  

What you don't realise when watching this film is that it's set in the months leading up to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York city…enough said.

However, whats amazing is that the ending doesn't leave you in floods because of a character loss, but because it makes you Remember.  You remember exactly where you were on that fateful day, you remember exactly how you felt when everything was unfolding and you especially remember seeing the faces of the people who had lost loved ones and witnessed such horror in such a wonderful city.

There's no exploitive shots of planes hitting the towers or the buildings falling, it just leaves you with your own thoughts and allows you to remember.

The narration from Robs character at the end of the movie is so important…it's not a quote, It's not a cheesy line…it's straight from his characters heart and it's the part of the movie that has been on replay in my head since walking out of the Cinema…( I cried on the tube thinking about it...)

Even if Rob had not been a part of this movie it would still have been an incredibly well written script with a very important message,  what happened on that day should not be forgotten.

So with that said, Forgetting that Im a huge RPatz fan, This movie is Fabulous and will leave you in no doubt that Mr P is one talented young man...(and he looks hot after a fight!)  

And i'll have no problems Remembering Rob after that performance!


karen said...

wow i couldnt of put it better lovely review and i agree with every word saw it last night and still thinking about it today brilliant film and well done by mr pattinson

Louise said...

Yeah I totally agree too.
The gasps of shock and then complete silence in the cinema after just say it all really.
Everyone was walking out and you could just see everyone remembering where they were that day & feeling all over again the shock and despair.
My friend & myself didn't say a word to each other until we were outside then just looked at each other and I said your remembering exactly what I am aren't you? And she was like Yep!
We were together that day when we were poor college students and it was like being back there all over again.
Most emotive movie i've seen in a long time. This is what a movie should do - Leave you thinking long after you've left the cinema.
A huge well done to all who were involved with the movie.
And yes Rob you have silenced your critics once & for all just as we knew you would.


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