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Sunday, 4 April 2010

The Times Review of Remember Me (Friday 2nd April)

April 2, 2010

Remember Me

Love Story for the Twilight generation: star-crossed lovers battle a difficult father, with an ending sponsored by Kleenex

Remember Me, starring Robert Pattinson, is an attempt to dish up a Love Story for the Twilightgeneration: cute star-crossed lovers battle a difficult father, with an ending sponsored by Kleenex. The world’s favourite vampire plays Tyler, a brooding, snowplough-jawed New York student who is grieving in the year after his brother’s death. He mopes around a grotty, sepia-toned apartment, quotes Gandhi to himself, and scribbles deep thoughts — it’s Edward Cullen meets Camus! You can actually monitor Pattinson’s emotions by his hair: it’s flat and greasy in the sad beginning, grows a quiff after he’s scored, and turns wild when he’s angry. Tween and teen girls will weep in the cheap seats, while adults will be narked by the ending, a shameful piggyback on a national tragedy, which will further the career of the heart-throb.


Anonymous said...

Thats abit harsh... why do they always have to refer to him as the vampire and say that only tweens will like it. its shocking i thought this film was amazing because of its message and the relationships between all the cast. Some people can't get over the fact that he was in twilight and they really need too


Which film are you going to see on April 2nd/3rd

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