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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Remember Me thoughts from @rmsaturdayuk [Kathy]

As you will of course have gathered by now I am rarely left in a position where words are difficult for me to find let alone express, but after two virtually back to back viewings of Remember Me yesterday that is exactly where I found myself. I needed time to consider and contemplate my response to this movie on many levels.

First off, yes thanks for the warning Mr P, this is not a romantic chic flick, and nor does it press the many buttons we are used to having pressed [although you can press my buttons any time mate].  I wondered also at the 12A rating due to the complexity of content and the contained messages but maybe that was just me.  Over both viewings both screens were full but the responses within the screen were very different as the earlier was full of 12+ yr olds and a couple of single men, who spent most of the time laughin at the sexii bits and sighing over Rob, the 12 yrs olds that was of course.  In the second screening there were many couples and overall a higher age range and the interaction with the movie was very different indeed.

Onto the movie itself, I will not post any spoilers here as we have some followers going today for the first time.  This movie is about life, loss, family breakdown, communication, grief, relationships, love, laughter, committment, healing and acceptance.  It is a journey that takes you to a conclusion that you do not want but which was and can be a fact of life.  It is thought provoking and asks you to evaluate your own relationsips to ensure you have done with each and every one of them what you need to do to 'live in the moments'.

The acting was solid as were the sex scenes [back freckles galore, sex gruntin, steamy stuff my friends], with good performances from all the cast, I especially loved the relationships which form the basis for this movie. Rob and Ruby's relationship is tender, protective, safe and empathetic a real pleasure to be part of.  And have to say this, I think I might be developing an unhealthy interest in angry rob [yes please].  As much as I love Pierce I do have a Mamma Mia complex that I find difficult to get away from now when I watch him, but my word he was assertive in the boardroom scene and the audience loved that .

As for Rob, I saw Tyler and not Edward, and I liked what I saw, if he takes on challenging and interesting future roles then he will have a long and rewarding career, if he chooses to continue it of course.  I did see his constipation face on at least 1 occasion so am satisfied this is a Robism and not an Edwardism so I can live with that, many of our most successful actors have their own isms and it is part of their attraction.

So if today is your first time, or if yesterday was your first time, go again, you will need multiple viewings to appreciate that which is Remember Me, myself I am off again tonight to the 9.00pm showing!!

I would like to thank people involved in getting Remember Me onto our screens, it can't have been an easy feat as this is not what you would consider to be a monster block buster or rom com with huge names to ensure success even if movie is pants.  It is a considered message about life, and how we need to take time to ensure it is how we want it to be before it is too late to do anything about it.



 justnikki said...

Beautifully said. I'm thrilled that the message from this movie had an impact on you as it did me. I live in the States and questioned its rating as well (PG-13), and I believe many of us have, so you're not the only one. I feel that the subject matter behind the movie is too mature for those "12 year olds" only watching to see Rob. They simply can't appreciate the message behind the movie at that age - however, that is my opinion.

I'm sad that my movie theaters decided to pull this movie out of ALL theaters in the area after only 4 weeks of it being shown. Critics need to look at the message of this movie and not simply JUST the acting (which I thought was overall strong and amazing).

I could go on and on about this movie but I'll stop to save you from boredom :)

Love the site!

karen said...

i think i couldnt of put it better i really loved this film it made me think and it really effected me when i left the cinema so much so that im going to watch it again today , the acting was great but for me it was how it slowly with out knowing it hit you that you felt everything the film was trying to tell you , icried at the end and i felt every emotion that it gave . what a fantastic film

Glamglass said...

Great review there Kathy, without giving too much away! I will send you my review when I have seen it for a second time as I feel the NEED to watch it again to gain the whole experience!

TheShyDutchGirl said...

A great and fantastic review Kathy! I agree with everything you said and it did make me think about what I have and if I have lived in the moments.
I want to see it again and going to do so tomorrow, alone or with someone.
I took someone to the cinema yesterday who is now totally convinced he is a great and fantastic actor!
Well done for supporting this Remember Me, without you I would't have found the friends I have now. 'Live in the moments'


sarah said...

I couldnt have said it better myself Kathy, I was deeply moved by this movie. I cried like a baby at the end and it was def one of those films that make you think about long after you leave the cinema. You think about your friends and family and I rang my boyfriend straight away just to tell him I loved him. I dragged my bestie who thinks Rob cant act even though she is a fan of twilight. She left the cinema saying ok yeah you proved me wrong he can act!! wow she LOVED the film.I am so happy he decided to do this film and cant believe the critics didnt applaud this film in the US more.They must have something personal against rob. He gave an absolute solid performance and I was moved to tears in the boardroom scene. I really believed I was watching tyler not rob. I just really hope this movie gets the praise it deserves in Ireland here and over in the UK remember me saturday blog and twitter have done a wonderful job.Im going to see it again and again and am dragging anyone that will come. xx Im going not only to support rob but because its a fantastic movie.

Hollywood said...

I'm happy that this American story is being felt just as strongly in the UK. The critics have given poor reviews but I chose to look at what the fans have had to say and we say it's a magnificent movie.

This movie was hard to watch, especially watching it in NYC. Many around me have personal stories of that day. I wished this movie would have a longer life in the cinemas. Maybe it will have a longer life in the UK. Maybe America isn't ready for a story like this yet. But we can never forget.


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