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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Telegraph Review of Remember Me (1st April 2010)...Tell us your thoughts

Remember Me, review

Robert Pattinson’s new film Remember Me should have "Crass Twist Alert" emblazoned on the poster.

Dir: Allen Coulter. Starring: Robert Pattinson; Pierce Brosnan. Rating: * *
12A cert; 112 mins
Robert Pattinson’s hair will get the teens in for this mopey New York romance, but goodness, do they have a shock in store.
Dramatically speaking, a brother who committed suicide and a mum gunned down on the subway are the best things that ever happened to Pattinson’s Tyler and Emilie de Ravin’s Ally, who come together in their grief, damaged souls with tumbling locks, great cheekbones and not a lot else going for them.
As a test for the Pattster’s James Dean credentials, it’s watchable but unpersuasive: for all his railing against stuffy Dad (Pierce Brosnan), we never quite twig what Tyler’s problem is.
He’s thumped with a huge one when Will Fetters’s script piggybacks on tragedy at the end, hoping to give itself a point: this should have “Crass Twist Alert” and “Guess the Date!” emblazoned on the poster. But there’s still no point.


Anonymous said...

I saw Tylers problem with his dad that he didnt spend any time with his kids or actually act like he loved them it took him 2 loose 2 kids before he started trying with caroline i can't believe this film is getting bad reviews

Amanda said...

To be honest I'm embarrassed. The Telegraph used to be a respectable "high brow" newspaper that seems to of succumbed to gutter press.

This is not a proper critique of a film. Its a one sided slating. Full of grammatical errors.

"the Pattster" is how Robert Pattinson is referred to, if I may say a "gutter press" nickname. The word "crass" is used, personally I see nothing obtuse about the subtle and quite chilling delivery of the 9/11 reference.

Putting "the cheekbones" actors aside, there is no mention of Ruby Jerins who in my opinion stole the picture. As for "the point" the reviewer must of been on their iPhone. The subtle references require someone with the attention span of something greater than a fruit fly.

I would chalk this one up to Lincolns phraseology that "you can't please all of the people all of the time". Especially some out of touch Telegraph reporter.


Which film are you going to see on April 2nd/3rd

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