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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

So what impact did we all have?

Remember Me opened in the UK on April 2nd ranked at No 7 in the box office countdown.

2 - 4 April Remember Me took in -  £987,310 over 354 sites, giving a screen average of £2,789 ($4297)

In comparison over the US opening weekend, the film opened at No 5, grossing $8,089,139 over 2,212 sites, giving a screen average of $3,657 (£2,373)

Suggesting that on a site by site basis that the UK opening was on a par if not slightly higher than the US opening figures, somewhat surprising considering the amount of PR and profiling done in the US in comparison to the TV spots and pre-recorded PR efforts afforded to the UK launch of the film.  While both had premieres the US version was larger and more substantially represented than that provided in the UK.
Therefore we would like to suggest that the fan campaign and support provided by the followers of the movie has had an impact on it's level of success in the UK and in Ireland.

9 - 11 April saw Remember Me remain static at No 7 and reported that the movie had done well in comparison to the overall takings from other movies over the same period.
Taking in £521,757 from 364 sites giving a screen average of £1433 a drop of approx 47%.
Combined sales totals across the linked areas rose to £2,639,885 [$4,059.301]

16 - 18 April second promoted Fan Event Weekend sees Remember Me hanging onto No10 at the box office taking in £225,397 from 344 sites a screen average of £655 dropping more than 50% on the previous week.. However this was in the week that Dear John opened at No 1 with huge box office figures, given the promotion around this movie this was not unexpected.
Combined sales totals across the linked areas now stand at £3,363,390 [$5,162,756] 

23 - 25 April week four saw Remember me drop to No15 at the UK box office taking in £70,866 from 191 sites giving an average of £371 per site.
Combined sales totals across the linked areas now stand at £3,434,256 [$5,494,638]

Currently Remember Me has taken:
US Domestic figures 27/04 - $19,020,385 [40.6%]
Foreign figures 25/04 - $27,785,083 [59.4%]
of which UK, Ireland & Malta have contributed $5,494,638 [25/4]

Worldwide totals currently stand at $46,805,468

Did we make a difference?

When I initally saw the figures I was gutted but when I reflected I thought hang on a minute here, as a fan base for the movie we have made a phenomenal difference to the success of this movies in our resident areas.

We have fans that for the first time in their lives have turned out on opening night and paid full price for a ticket [cos I always go on cheap Tues or Orange Wed] and you made others who would not have seen this move go as well!

You didn't turn out 1 or 2 times, you have gone 3, 4, 5, 6 and @KatieDuffin24 10 times, to support this movie, its cast and the messages it stood for.

You have provided reviews, shared your thoughts and recounted your best scenes and what if anything you would have changed in the movie, and you have continued to support the Twitter, Blog and Facebook mediums that have been used.  You have even taken part in crazy pub quizzes and competitions to win badges, robpornparties and always been ready to become involved and support in any way you can.

I am proud to have been involved in this campaign and I thank @jenbirtles and @keogirl for the support they have given me and @remembermefans for asking me to front the UK Twitter account it has been a blast.

But most of all I thank you, the followers and supporters of this movie, you rock and have made what could have been [lets face it] a box office disaster into a firm success.  There is no other way to describe a $16 mill budget movie which has already grossed $46+ mill worldwide, has yet to open in Japan and several other markets and still has the DVD market to capture.

The pleasure has been all mine, thank you.

~ Kathy ~


Amber (EyesofAmber) said...

And while most of what I did was on the US end (I saw the movie 4 times, dragging anyone who would go) I was very proud to be a part of this movement This was an absolutely fantastic film and I cannot wait to get my hands on my dvd.

Nikki (Everything But Twilight) said...

It was my pleasure to be a part of this movement. I got people to see this movie who were skeptical about it because of the reviews they heard - mission accomplished! because they fell in love with the movie and questioned the sanity of those dang critics.

Although Remember Me was only in my area for about 3 weeks I was able to see it twice. I loved everything about this movie - it really does make you think about things after you see it.

Thanks to Kathy and her team for heading the UK RM Saturday event!!! And for everyone who affiliated and supported it!!!

Anonymous said...

While I'm here in the US I watched in awe as you guys in the UK busted your butts to get butts in the seats. And I believe it really helped. RM had several things against it not the least of which was bad marketing and the competition when it debuted. For what it was up against I think it did fantatic. It's a great movie so just exposing it and Rob to people who didn't know about it or Rob before is a big deal. I imagine people are shocked because it's so much better than the critics make it sound. I've never seen anyone work harder than you Kathy at promoting something they love so thank you. Great job!


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